Realistic F/F Spanking

This picture has a touch of realism to it. The daughter is going along with it, but is none too pleased about it.

Mom is letting the paddle do the talking

In this picture a lass commented: .. it epitomises what my desires (obsession) were about when I was a teenage schoolgirl … an authority figure, discipline, exposure, and being punished in front of another 😳 ….. oh my ! …. Karen xx

So which one would you want to be, daughter, father or mother?

4 thoughts on “Realistic F/F Spanking”

  1. Here is another example (your quote) of a woman in high school having hidden fantasies of being paddled. These women are out there today.

  2. I’d like to be the principal and spank the naughty teacher’s bare bottom in front of her students! Muahahaha! 😈

  3. I would want to be the daughter…whose tummy was full of dread all day after she was paddled at school…knowing that a spanking at school means a spanking at home……

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