Spanking Blogs Are In The Rear View Mirror

Like you, I have noted that for the last two or three years spanking blogs are in decline. Many are no longer active. Some are dim images of their former selves. Even the ones that were most popular now have little content. I mean milking the same thing for years gets a bit tiresome.

Take the one called Incessantly Spanked. She has not been spanked in two years. Her blog is now about what color shoes she bought or the like. I pick this one out because when she was being spanked, it was by a fellow employee in the company parking lot – their tree house – during lunch.

One of the most popular F/M blogs went toes up and now I am seeing comments that would have been posted there, being submitted to OBB. Sorry, guys, but we are not about you being spanked by your landlord, boss, MIL, etc.

6 thoughts on “Spanking Blogs Are In The Rear View Mirror”

  1. As one who searched this subject, I agree. There is not much selection out there… Often, they are the latter style you pointed out. Not my interest. I believe the reason for this, despite the popularity, is the stigma around spanking that still exists. People are afraid of being judged for something that many people secretly desire. We are a strange society. What is accepted, even encouraged, versus what is shamed and ridiculed. I appreciate what you do here.

    1. Do you think there’s any possibility that so many people feel OK about spanking now as a part of sex that they don’t write about it?
      I’m so far out of dating that I have no idea. Just wondering

      1. I don’t know. I’ve been married almost 30 years and with my wife since we were 15. 50 now and just told her about my desire. Haven’t ever really dated. I doubt it’s so “normal” that people don’t write about it. People write about everything else, I’d think spanking would be no exception. But, I don’t know?

  2. Our culture has really changed. I i’ve given quite a bit of thought to wondering how to connect with real spanking people. just for friendship because I have a great partner. You and Bacall are the real thing but there are so few of you out there.

    i’m so totally tired of wannabes. That drove me off from Spanking I met one really good friend there who is authentic.

    I wonder if most people into spanking are congregating somewhere else. I’ve asked this before. I believe Facebook will censor them if they really start to talk about spanking. in any event, I’m grateful for your blog!

    1. Like you, Bacall and I are not seeking others to play with so we don’t know where we would go to hook up. I think it would make it harder to find just a friend than a player. I found many just by asking if they wanted a spanking. Now that would not work as I would not follow through.

  3. I came across this and found it to be an interesting post. My view is that there seems to be a great shedding of aspirational chaff across many of these blogs. People are very tired of fakers and wannabes and either want to interact with real couples, or just enjoy the enormous amount of spanking porn out there that requires no community or writing to discover and consume.

    What’s left after that shedding is a small core of real people who are serious about living their life differently. I believe this core is growing. It’s just that it’s a very small group. That’s not to say that serious spanking doesn’t happen in homes, but it doesn’t happen in many homes between people who want to regularly comment about it online.

    Perhaps this will accelerate but I don’t honestly see how unless word of mouth seriously takes off.

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