Bacall’s Toys

This image shows Bacall’s fav toys from about 20 years back. All but one were her picks, not mine. And that one was a gift from a friend. All but the ruler are still used.

From the left. A metal ruler she found cleaning out my Mothers rolltop desk. She though it worked just dandy on her thighs. 

The pussy whip. It has soft rubber falls that I use to tease her almost to orgasm. Works best when her thighs are on fire.

Her gift from our friend Bill. He made toys as a hobby and gave us several. This one has a soft leather side and a hard leather side. She purrs when the soft side is used and yelps when I flip it over. When I flip it I always tell her Bill wanted her to have it.

Her first purchased toy. It came from Shadow Lane. A pleasure toy, very flexible leather.

I made a batch of holey paddles for friends. They were made with white pine – a light density wood. She glommed on to it and declared she liked it better than any of the leather toys. It marked her conversion from leather to wood. She likes it used moderately. Which is the way I usually employ it. But, sometimes I enjoy her kicking and squirming and use it fast and furious.

When we get home we are going to order this leather paddle from London Tanners. We both got to experience it recently and declare it a winner. It’s unlike anything we have experienced before.

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  1. The one in the middle looks like it has great sting and smack-sounds. We’ve talked about sound in spankings many times on OBB, I believe the consensus is, loud is good.

    Would love to go a couple rounds with that one from London Tanners.

    Link below to a recent addition to our collection; it’s awful! Like being spanked with a bag of feathers or what I would imagine a “slippering” would be like. Plenty of sound without any sting.

      1. We have one of those also. One of those paddles where the spanker can keep the bottom guessing. Only she goes straight for the “scream” side and never uses the “purr” side…. Oh well…

  2. Oh wow, Bacall has some nice implements!

    You made a good point here about white pine and the sensation produced by light-density woods. The best wooden implement I ever felt was a huge pizza peel made from some type of pine. The thing was so big, it covered my entire bottom with each swat. The feel was more thuddy than stingy, with what I can almost describe as a bit of “give” to it. Being spanked with it was an intoxicating sensation. Understandably, though, it didn’t last long for this purpose, cracking right down the center.

    I have a small collection of top-of-the-line paddles. I collected these, over time, for my few spankees who request punishment sessions. One paddle was custom-made from SpankInc in Canada, one is from Woodrage, and all the rest are Miss Rose paddles, made from exotic, non-endangered hardwoods. Miss Rose is unsurpassed in the quality and fit & finish of her pieces.

    In the past I’ve also owned paddles from SPORKwood, LVXSupply, WoodCraftTheory, and LittleRedSpanking, all of whom produce quality implements. LittleRedSpanking makes lighter, stingier paddles than do these other craftsmen, so if someone is seeking an implement like you described above– light, stingy, and made of nice domestic wood– this is a good place to get it. He has a wide selection of woods to choose from and explains how each wood type feels. He’s also gracious and very helpful. His shop is on Etsy.

    Forever in search of the holy grail of implements, I have bought, and given away, for more toys than I’ve kept. The money I’ve spent on this is shameful. My fancy-schmancy paddles are lovely to look at and to hold, but I don’t like being on the receiving end of any one of them. They just plain hurt, with no pleasurable sensation at all. When I’m on the receiving end, I’d much prefer the plain ol’ pine pizza peel.

    That said, leather is my true passion, and the London Tanners Boudoir paddle is my heaven on earth! Love the after-sting that lasts a good hour after the spanking ends. Every leather paddle I bought previously (and there were a handful of them) was a major disappointment. They weren’t worth beans. But this one, wow! It really packs a sting, and a certain degree of thud, too. As leather paddles go, it’s perfection. I also have their “DD Paddle” (technically a strap). Now that I’ve wielded London Tanners implements on others, and felt them used on me, this is the quality I expect and require. I will never be satisfied with any other name in leather.

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