Bending The Cane

Frequently pictures depicting women with a cane shows them bending it. Is that supposed to be a measure of their authority or what?

While I have no interest in being caned (and I have been) I like to look at women who look like this. Well groomed in attractive lingerie and bright eyes.

The next three are in bras. My newly discovered attire preference for spankers

A cutie who is accurate with a cane

9 thoughts on “Bending The Cane”

  1. I think the bent Kane probably means she’s strong enough to wield it. It’s more interesting also from a visual standpoint. Otherwise what does she do with it? It lets you get close.
    I love women in bras giving spankings. I want to see the V shape of her cleavage. Artists known for centuries that this shape occurs in female erotic images all over her typically covered body parts. I like to see her breasts topless but would love to start with bras, so long as they are very low-cut and show cleavage. I believe this is an archetypal image that is in the vagina area, certainly the backside and some degree other places. You respond unconsciously.

  2. The lingerie in #1 and #2 are sweet! So are the lovelies in said outfits. Admittedly, cane isn’t my thing.

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