So many who are drawn to spanking also desire to submit to their spanking partner. This is true for both men and women. They seek order in what to them is chaos. They want to be led and be accountable to their partner. Submission seems as necessary to them as breathing, Finding a spanking partner is one challenge. Find one that will accept the offered leadership role is another hurdle.

Getting a partner willing to accept and honor the proffered submission is problematic. Long talks are held, contracts are written and then the submissive may test the dominant to see if they are paying attention.

Some intelligent women who want to be submissive seem to come alive when they find a dominant man. The game is on for them. They immediately concentrate their mind on finding ways to annoy the dominant, to flaunt his authority, to end-run him. They call it testing to see if he means what he says. I say it is a tiresome unrewarding game for the dominant.

Convince me I am wrong.

I would never accept a woman’s submission. I like women who are feisty and self-assured. I have zero interest in monitoring anyone’s behavior. Any woman that could interest me is able to pull her own weight and motivate herself to achieve her goals.

I don’t know why anyone would want to be submissive. I will not submit to anyone. I will gladly go along with suggestions, directions as long as they ask in a civil and courteous manner. I will not be told what to do.

I have never had the time or inclination to micromanage anyone.

There many terms for submissive/dominant roles. FLR/MLR, Sub/Dom, Master/Slave [OK, I coined Male Led Relationship] None of these roles are of interest to me. In fact one is repugnant.

Our relationship is equal. We both have responsibilities. We share chores.  We have never said you do that, I will do this. It has just evolved.

I started cooking more in the last few years. She stays out of her kitchen when I cook. I do likewise when she is the chef. I will usually do the chopping for her, but I do it out of her way.

It’s a long way of saying we share and we both have spheres of responsibility and there is never any conflict.

We are both alpha types. Usually, when I spank her she is not at all submissive. However, she sometimes relishes being a bedroom submissive. It usually takes her a day to meld her mind to being submissive.  When we play she will use sir for that time. Her choice, never mine.

Oral has never been a significant part of sex for us but she loves to suck my cock while in her submissive frame of mind.  Minutes after she comes she is back to being feisty. I would not want it any other way.

5 thoughts on “Submission”

  1. Laughing. To think, I was actually excited to come here and see a post on submission. OBB… I feel zero need to convince you of anything. If submission isn’t for you, it isn’t for you. Simple as that.

    1. Perfectly said Nora!

      In the wonderful world of spanko, there are many roles, implements, positions, et cetera, et cetera. It is one of those places where you and partner, as Bogey said, discuss and finalize your spanking “rules”.

      I am not submissive, however when in OTK, I remain until receiving the playful double-tap of her hand and announcement of “you may get up now”.

  2. I relate to how you and Bacall feel about submission. It’s not for me, either. I was an extremely submissive and obedient child. Too much so, probably, because as an adult, I went to the opposite extreme. I’m generally mellow and easygoing, but if a man were to try to dominate me, he’d have hell on his hands. I’m very adamant about not being dominated.

  3. Submission means something different to me. I think of it as temporary handing over myself to her to spank as she wants, as long as she wants and as hard as she wants. I want to Give in and achieve a sort of intimacy with her that I can’t get otherwise. My boundaries disappear and I am incredibly close to her. But if I try and control it or resist, this emotional and spiritual state does not happen.

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