4 thoughts on “Just Two Genders”

  1. AMEN! This trend of people being unable to decipher which sex they are, or to which sex they are attracted, is bizarre. As stated on the blog post above, an individual’s sex isn’t always consistent with its his/her sex chromosomes. Agreed, yet I would argue that this occurrence of truly skewed chromosomes is relatively rare, not an everyday normality. There have always been homosexual men and women, and I think society as a whole these days is pretty accepting of that fact.

    But the “trans” trend is another beast altogether, and it’s taking over our young people. I can’t help but wonder how much of this ins’t chromosomes, but chosen preferences? In some circles it’s now considered a badge of honor to identify as transgender, pansexual, or some other abnormal combination in the name “It’s all about love.” Another excruciating example of people following trends stupidly. This has gone too far. Way too far.

  2. I agree there are mostly two human sexes (except for some very rare hermaphroditism type biological gray areas).

    But this word gender has been peeled off and separated. It used to be a synonym, now it’s a different concept. There have always been a spectrum of genders in this sense. I think we’re all mixes of both male and female energy, yin and yang. My husband and I celebrate this in each other constantly.

    What’s new is using this as some sort of victim card and virtue signalling card, and getting children thereby to lop off body parts and saying that’s just fine instead of receiving psychiatric care.

  3. Either you agree with the meem, or you think, “an individual’s sex isn’t always consistent with its sex chromosomes”. You can’t have it both ways.

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