OK, Guys Assume The Position

From an old NuWest video. I think she was a basketball player, almost 6 foot. She paddled him and he screamed and wiggled. The girl was perhaps her daughter. She watched and fetched paddles for the woman. Strange.

Two For The Money

This May Sting

Oh, Horrors! How many of you would want to be in his position. How many would want to be in hers?

10 thoughts on “OK, Guys Assume The Position”

  1. Well, I’m a little surprised at the top picture. The girl is showing us her panties intentionally, I imagine. If she is under age (or was) I wonder if they broke any laws because the guy is nude.

    I love being spanked by athletic women because I have to submit to them. Otherwise, I know I can hold out and defeat them. It just takes one sassy comment for me to make it unbearable. They also can usually take a very serious paddling and may insist that I go harder and faster because they have learned to endure pain in their training. Great fun. At least for me and the people I’ve participated with.

  2. I would love to see the Nuwest video. they normally had a storyline and sometimes wrote about the models. I wonder if this guy is supposed to be the girl’s boyfriend in trouble with the mother.

    As far as the next to last picture goes, I actually had a girlfriend once who did this to me and told me the spanking was going to be harder and harder until I finished. She would yell at me “give me what I want!”. I think back on some of these things and can’t believe they happened. And if somebody told me they happened to them, I would probably tell them they were lying.

  3. I have seen a few videos featuring the really tall gal in the first two pictures….she is so loud and brash it is a huge turn off for me. I must say… I love the size difference though! I find that I am always more attracted to spanking images where the spankee is smaller than the Spanker.

    1. I saw one clip where he whined and whined while she paddled him fast furious. Not my thing at all. So yeah, a turn-off. But here, no voices.

      As to size, I am 6′ 4″ so I am strongly attracted to tall women. I have spanked several short and slim gals and that was great, but if they had been 5′ 11″ it might have been better.

      1. WOW! You are quite tall, my friend. That just upped your attractiveness as a Spanker for this gal. Winks at you. I am 5’8″, so perhaps a bit too short for you….

  4. In a parallel universe, I would be most interested in the 5’8″ free-range Nora. I would encourage all the naughtiness we have seen her post about in this universe. And the two Nora’s would know nothing of the other.

  5. #2 the girl on the left has an interesting grin. Obviously there is some FM spanking but this looks like a Nu West video where everyone in the family is going over mom’s knee eventually. And she will be getting the same treatment she is grinning at. I will have to assume she is a dedicated spanko who is relishing at her upcoming session over mom’s knee.

    Size of women isn’t really a thing to me, unless we are talking about obesity. I’d be just as excited going over a tall woman’s knee as a short one. I think what might make a difference on the spanking is the length of her arm for leverage. And of course her athleticism. But I’m into spanking for fun and pre-sex excitement.

    The bottom pic is a “like”, would prefer to see it posed showing she’s wearing thigh-highs. And if told to do so, would scramble over her knee in a heartbeat!

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