Another grab bag of images that are not related.

Seen in a Cherokee Heritage Village Schoolhouse.

Did you ever sign the paddle?

As Seen on Vanilla Spanking

Life Imitates Art

Little Miss Attitude

This looks like the watering hole Bacall and I went to after work. The waitresses had to put up with a lot. Some guy would flip her skirt up and when she turned around to confront him, another guy would flip her skirt up. One waitress asked a guy if she had seen him before. He lifted her skirt in the front, looked and said “No, I don’t think so”. Yeah, it was a rowdy group in the 70’s.

No, I would never think about spanking her.

I have always wanted a paddle with an accelerometer.

Spanking was on Picasso’s Mind

I can smell the plastic seat covers. Oh, you were looking at her bullet bra.

8 thoughts on “Potpourri”

  1. Picasso?
    I guess I’m not surprised now at anything.

    I’m now convinced that there are lots of people who have spanked, been spanked, or would like to be or do so.

    We get a distorted view of the paucity of partners because many people who write don’t have one. The rest of us are too busy engaging in spanking.

    1. I’m now convinced that there are lots of people who have spanked, been spanked, or would like to be or do so.

      Yes, I fully agree and I will base that just only fun spanks given to women at gatherings like cocktail parties. Like my saying something like “You should be spanked for that” And their response was to offer their bottom to me in full view of everyone else in the room. No eyebrows were raised. Such reactions show that spanking is on a lot of minds.

  2. Absolutely, always a fun comment to make, especially to women you like. Little Miss Attitude needs to go over my knee!

    1. Let’s see the bullet bra, the short white shorts, her legs, the heels. What’s not to like? Short white shorts have a special place in my teenage memories.

  3. Love #2 pic; the playful expression on her pretty face, her cute bottom just starting to show pink, the stockings and of course, her in perfect OTK form.

    Bottom pic, [doesn’t have a bottom… 😋] who else drove a “3 on the tree” car? What I find hilarious is she is buckling up. No one wore seatbelts back then did they? Our cars had them stuff under the cushion.

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