A Reader Writes

I think that what interests readers contributes to the diversity of OBB.


It must be your fault – you ran THAT photo of the mature, nude woman standing in a grove of trees holding a freshly cut switch and appearing very eager for the situation to progress.

That photo stirred memories in my warped little mind of a fairly intense switching I got from Wendy, many years ago, after dark, draped over a log on a secluded beach on the Chesapeake Bay.

So I propositioned my bride – would she like to apply a few freshly cut switches to my now older fanny sometime soon?

She replied simply by placing our set of small pruning shears on the bathroom vanity counter yesterday afternoon.  I took the hint and cut and trimmed three, limber, hickory switches while doing some work down near the Community garage.  I was not sure exactly what she had planned for timing, so I wrapped the switches in a damp towel and stashed them near the basement sink. We went to bed last night still with no hint of her intentions.

I usually wake up and slip out of bed several hours before her – same this morning. She stirred and called me to come get my shower – she said, that since I was a very naughty husband – I should retrieve the switches from wherever I had them stashed while she was in the shower.

I got the switches out of the basement, put on my tight, bright red, Calvin Klein, “spanking underwear” and slipped back under the covers.  She emerged from the bathroom wearing only a scarf as a bra (you would approve!) and slipped back into bed next to me.  Some kissing, groping, and fondling followed for a while before she said – “Time to get across my lap for a spanking!”  I stood next to the bed while she slowly lowered my underwear and pointed to her lap.  After about 40 firm hand spanks, she said,” There is no way I can handle a switch with you across my lap – go bend over the end of the bed!”

She tested each of the three switches, swinging them in the air, while I waited in anticipation.  She finally made up her mind and went to work. After 15 or so strokes the first switch broke, so she changed to her second choice which held up nicely to about 50 strokes total.  I had made up my mind that I would not stop her unless things really got out of hand – Mr. Tough Fanny.  My bottom was definitely sore and well striped when she stopped, simply saying, “That’s enough.”

After the ensuing, gentle but somewhat loud, activities were completed, she asked if it was as “good as I remembered”.  I had to answer that it was actually a bit disappointing simply because it lacked the sound of a wooden paddle or strap striking bare flesh – the sting was good, but the audio component was lacking. We will stick with our paddles…..

Hope you are enjoying your trip!

PS: I wonder how long it takes for the red/pink stripes to disappear from my bottom?  The sting is completely gone but many stripes remain visible.

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