The Picture That Started It All

For Openers – From time to time, I may post an image before the topic of the post, that will have nothing to do with the post. Like this one.

I have written that I spanked almost all of my dates in HS. It was never something I planned to do. It was never something that I fantasized about doing. The little darlings must have read “I spank” on my forehead and would do something to earn a spanking. The reward for both us was they had on fewer clothes than before I spanked them. They had not had to give up their clothes, they were taken from them. That’s way different. Isn’t it girls?

I was paddled all through school. I never fantasized about it. I never wanted to be paddled.

In spite of my spanking activity, I was a late bloomer to spanking. I was suddenly turned on to spanking by seeing a few pictures quite by accident. I was 19 and in the Navy. I was trading magazines with a shipmate and one of the magazines he had showed women in bra and girdles spanking each other. I was instantly mesmerized. From seeing women spanking each other I now wanted to spank women and be spanked by women.

It was a picture like this.

10 thoughts on “The Picture That Started It All”

  1. Is not the best part that you didn’t run from the topic of spanking? You knew you wanted it, tossed aside the shame Queen Victoria, (who’s personal beliefs are centuries later still instilled in many a brain), and jumped in head on.
    And you found a super life partner who share your desires. Be it spanking, bondage, role play, most important part is if it is a practice you want to do, then you cast aside others views and do it.

    On your death bead, would you rather be saying to yourself “if only I’d tried spanking…” or “yeah, I had lots of spanking fun!”?

  2. I love how you wrote that the girls in HS had done something to earn a spanking. Do you feel they were trying to get you to spank them? Or, had you just been conditioned to deliver a spanking when you witnessed bratty behavior? From what I know about you, discipline isn’t really your thing so this made me curious….

    1. Good question Nora. I did not have the spanking fetish in HS. So I do not plan to spank them. Nor do I recall wanting to “tame” anyone. But, I suppose there was a line that when crossed I would spank in reflect. Did the girls try to provoke spanking with other guys they dated? Not a clue.

      Left our campsite just east of Yellowstone and made it through the park before utter madness descended.

      1. What is the utter madness in the park all about? We are thinking about doing Yellowstone this October. We did Grand Tetons last year and had a fabulous time, but I’d really like to see the hot springs over in Yellowstone.

  3. Though I realize my wife would not have been on board for spanking when we were 19, I wish I had pursued it sooner. I suppose better late (50) than never. We’re both enjoying it now. Gave her a good round Saturday night, she took it like a champ and told me how much she liked it yesterday. Our exploration is coming along nicely. Continue your safe travels!

  4. Nora, mobs of people equate to utter madness for us. Plus people do really stupid things in parks. You have to be really alert, defensive to avoid an accident. We are avoiding park this trip because so many are traveling. Yellowstone in October might be delightful.

  5. Agreed! The degrees of lunacy displayed by so many tourists to Yellowstone in particular… is truly hard to believe. Oh, look… a pretty brown bear! And she’s got cubs! Let’s go pet them and take a selfie, huh? What could go wrong? Maybe it’s time to take down the signs and let natural selection do it’s thing?

    1. We have been telling the rangers for years they should have areas where petting and feeding the bears was OK, They look at us like we are crazy. Ranger told us a Russian put honey on his boot and extended his foot to the bear. They had the nerve to arrest the guy.

  6. Interesting that you were paddled in school but don’t relate it to your early and continuing interest.
    I didn’t get interested in spanking until my late 40s (as a spanker) and I related it back to being thrashed in middle and high school settings.
    I’ve also occasionally been spanked but no one in giving has approached the intensity of my memories.
    Great blog!

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