A Letter From John

We are always pleased to hear from people that like OBB. It has always been a small niche blog – but it has taken off in the last 9 months. Why? I have no clue. Perhaps only because it is one of the few surviving blogs with more than pictures.

What most attracts you to OBB? Do you identify with the way we approach spanking?

Cheers, Bogey

Hi Bogey,

It’s always hard to answer the real reason something attracted you to a product, service, or even friend because it’s an unconscious process. But, here’s my first impression.

You have a sense of style and taste that’s missing from most blogs of any sort. You are curating your photos instead of just throwing up the first thing you find. (I hate that word, but it fits.). Your writing adds to the pictures. And, you have a point of view. I can get an impression of who you are.

I also think it’s about what’s not there. Your blog never offends me. I worked for a company where we were catering to upper-middle-class people and one of the guidelines our boss gave us was. “Class is what we do not do, not what we do.”. I never see anything on your blog that causes me to be offended. Nearly every other blog dealing with anything related to spanking is so offensive and irritating that I just can’t look at it.

I guess you also present spanking in a way that makes it seem natural and acceptable, which it is for me. You are very clear about who you are and what you like and how it is sexual for you. You don’t try to justify it but you’ve provided lots of interesting information about history and practices.

hope that was helpful. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.

Best regards,

In a second note he continued:

I’ve been thinking about this more because I was once considered an expert in consumer behavior. I developed an unusual approach that uses very advanced psychology involving one on one interviews with consumers followed by statistically valid testing. That doesn’t mean I know everything, of course, and I am guessing here because I have an interview with everyone. Only myself. But I find your question intriguing.

You show your interest in spanking is sexual but you keep it within the bounds of reasonably good taste, in my opinion. You also provide content. Anybody can just generate pictures. But yours have a theme and you generally have intelligent commentary that accomplishes them, even if it’s brief.

I’ve been very frustrated at the lack of content in spanking material. But there’s more than that. There once were classy places where we could discuss spanking. There was true value. But as far as I can tell, they are all gone. Fet Is now so offensive that I can’t look at it anymore. Even Jillian Kamen has deteriorated in her content.

Every time I try to make a post somewhere about spanking it quickly deteriorates into a bunch of trashy stuff and often includes a bunch of gay solicitations for partners. I believe spanking operates on even a spiritual level and a good spanking does incredible things for me And resets my whole neurology. Of course, I also find it very sexual. But it’s more than that.

Roger Daltry once complained about Pete Townsend’s writing for the Who that it involved spiritual and psychological themes. He said, “rock ‘n’ roll is about sex. Pete thinks it can be more than that but it’s about sex.”

So, of course spanking is about sex. But more than that for me.

If you think of the magazine era, you may remember that they had high quality pictures combined with writing. Playboy comes to mind. That magazine broke the barrier in showing attractive nude women. But it also combined insightful text and interesting articles. Hugh Hefner knew what his audience wanted and understood their aspirations. He also understood that they had criticism from externally generated forces (spouses often) and guilt. So, he put in enough intellectual contact for one to defend their purchase of the magazine. I also found myself reading some of the articles.

Penthouse took it a step further in starting to talk about spanking and other things that were forbidden to discuss. Those of us interested in spanking felt like we were alone, despite the fact that many of us played spanking games with playmates as children. I also loved (and love) enemas. I thought I was some kind of freak because of it and there it was in plain text validated in a magazine. no apologies.

Maybe more than you wanted to hear!

I hope your trip is going well.


3 thoughts on “A Letter From John”

  1. I have to agree with John about your blog. Most spanking blogs are just pictures and no real substance. I like pics, but I also like the discussion here. Doesn’t always have to be discussion, but having it adds some class and purpose to a space such as this. John said it best by comparing your blog to Playboy or Penthouse. Anyone can post nude pictures, but adding good, relevant, content seems to be the hard part for most. Your take on spanking is in line with mine as well, which seems rare. At least in the online spaces I’ve come across. You offer something unique. That’s why people come here and appreciate what you create. We want more than just pictures and weird captions, which is pretty much all most others offer. Most of my the photos on my blog are us, but when I do post others, it takes me a long time to find the right one that captures what I’m saying. It seems you do the same. Those of us who appreciate quality content notice such details.

  2. You unabashedly enjoy it and don’t bring meanness to it
    Highly erotic from my perspective

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