After Coffee


After we finished our morning coffee, I asked Bogey, “Do you know what I want to do today?” It could have been anything, but he immediately said, “You want me to paddle you.”  He read my mind, which is kind of scary, but he was correct. I got up, took a shower, and put on a pair of spanking panties.  He told me to pick the paddle/s that I wanted.  My first choice was the “holey” paddle that he made, second choice – well I just couldn’t decide between the “teacher’s” paddle or the “red” paddle, so I took both of them out.  I told him that I would decide which one a little later.  Big smile on Bogey’s face!

Her picks

So the paddling starts and it felt so good – what was he using?  It was his hand then his belt, then back to his hand. Being the kind sensitive person that I am, I told him he should not over-exert himself.  He assured me that would not happen and believe me when I say that it did not happen.  Big smile on my face.  Then he moved on to the “holey’ paddle which was delicious.

He kept taking my panties down to measure the desired “pinkness” factor.  He moved on to the “teacher’s paddle”.  I really started feeling it then and the color went from light pink to medium pink.  After many paddle pops, it was on to the “red paddle” with panties down.  Wow, I really did feel those pops and the color then changed to light red.

7 thoughts on “After Coffee”

  1. Bacall,
    I want to thank you for this share, my interpretation: “Hmm, I finished my coffee, now what to do? Oh I know… I will taunt my hubby into a delicious spanking!”

    I so appreciate what you and Bogey have done with this site, helping closet spankos such as myself to come out of the closet to enjoy and embrace my want, desire and need to be spanked.

    Big questions, I always seem to have questions about spankings: what if anything do you do for aftercare? And/Or how long after your spanking do you have to be panty-less to display Bogey’s handiwork with your pretty pink bottom?

  2. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I am envious of your ability to ask for what you want and that you feel good enough about it to write about it here. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Bacall says she appreciates your sweet notes. That makes it special.
    Theo, aftercare is after she comes she is ready to get along with her day.
    You ever seen lions screw? When the lioness is done, she growls and he leaves. It’s like that.

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