The Paddle

I have seen a few girl-on-girl paddlings. Bacall does a fine job. I have never seen them go easy on their sisters.

A Nu-West classic. Time has not reduced it’s appeal to me.

Something almost never seen, paddled in a dress.

Assume The Position

This may sting a little

Let Him Bake Cake

I have been remiss about Saturday posts. Here’s one by Bill McGurn

Certainly there are plenty of intolerant religious people. But no one is more intolerant than the modern left-wing secular crusader, whose views on these cultural issues further enjoy the backing of the media, big business, academe and so on. For the most part, religious communities with old-fashioned positions on human sexuality and abortion no longer expect American society to uphold their views. The aim now is for something far more modest: enough freedom to live their lives and run their institutions in accord with their deepest beliefs.

In some sense this is up to those who have won the war. Here, the wisest advice comes from a 2017 article in New York magazine by Andrew Sullivan, a firm supporter of the right to gay marriage. “If there are alternative solutions, like finding another baker, why force the point? Why take up arms to coerce someone when you can easily let him be—and still celebrate your wedding? That is particularly the case when much of the argument for marriage equality was that it would not force anyone outside that marriage to approve or disapprove of it,” he writes.

“One reason we won that debate is because many straight people simply said to themselves, ‘How does someone else’s marriage affect me?’ and decided on those grounds to support or acquiesce to such a deep social change.”

He concludes: “It seems grotesquely disingenuous now for the marriage-equality movement to bait and switch on that core ‘live and let live argument. And it seems deeply insensitive and intolerant to force the clear losers in a culture war into not just defeat but personal humiliation.”

Mr. Sullivan was writing about the battle over marriage, but the dynamic he describes so well applies to all the fronts in the culture war. It also points to a fundamental difference between the religious and secular fundamentalists these days. Take the most fire-breathing preacher in backwoods Mississippi. He may rail at what he takes to be the sinful ways of sexually liberated San Francisco. But he’ll largely settle for keeping pornography and Drag Queen Story Hour out of the local library.

By contrast, the progressive in San Francisco is not content with the sexual license his hometown affords. He doesn’t seem to be able to sleep at night unless he knows the lo- cal library in some rural Mississippi town has its own Drag Queen Story Hour.

In the same way, it is apparently not enough for a Colorado woman to get a blue-and-pink cake celebrating her gender transition from any of dozens of bakers in her area who are more than happy to bake her one. She wants to force Jack Phillips to make it— precisely because she knows it goes against his beliefs. Yet another testament to why the most egregious exercises of intolerance today are those done in the name of tolerance.

James McMurtry – Choctaw Bingo

No good reason for this post. We have been listening to this for 15+ years.

Ruth Ann and Lynn they wear them cut off britches and those skinny little halters
And they’re second cousins to me
Man I don’t care I want to get between ’em
With a great big ol’ hard on like a old bois d’ arc fence post
You could hang a pipe rail gate from
Do some twisted sisters ’til the cows come home
And we’d be havin’ us a time

Bra Spanking – Redux

OK, I am completely nutzoid. In April I posted about my newly discovered penchant or fetish, take your choice, of seeing women in bras spanking or being spanked. You can revisit that post if you want.

I saw this picture on Strict Julie’s [Gee, does she have an imagination]

The picture is blurred, but the sight of her in a bra excites me. I know few of you will get off on the bra, but many of you will wish you were laying on the bed feeling her strap.

It would still be decent picture with her blouse on. It would go down on my scale if she took her bra off, but kept her skirt on. Bra and panties – great. Nude, maybe not so much.

I would not mind being spanked by her

Or this lass

Growing Up Jim

This is the first of a series of memories of one of OBB regular readers.

My punishment spankings looked almost exactly like this below except I can never recall being spanked by my mom with her wearing a skirt or heels – she was more of a shorts or long pants lady with flats. 

I don’t think I have ever gone into much detail concerning my mom’s discipline spankings.

She was the disciplinarian in our home; me, my older brother and I suspect my dad also on occasion. There was never the threat of “just wait until your father gets home”.  Mom was quite capable of handling us all by herself.

She was a mid-west farm girl that I suspect had her bottom warmed on a fairly regular basis and probably learned her techniques from her mother.

When mom had decided one of us needed some discipline she simply said, “You need go get things ready in the basement.”  Resistance was futile.  “Getting things ready” meant: go to our basement which was unimproved; retrieve a low backless, stool which she generally used to hold laundry baskets while she hung wash to dry on the basement lines; retrieve her paddle which was a “fly-back” type kept in a cabinet; close the basement windows if it was summer (privacy); remove your shoes, socks, and pants and then wait for her arrival.

There was a possibility of 4 different implements that she would apply to your bottom – hand, paddle, belt or switch and one never knew exactly what was coming until she arrived in the basement.  The implements are listed in the order of severity.  The number of strokes was always predictable – your current age which she would round up to the next year if you were passed the 6 month interval – so if you were 11 years and 7 months old – she would round up to 12.  She would claim that was an early birthday present!

After a while she would come down the basement stairs hopefully empty handed – her spanking belt was kept upstairs and if she planned on using a switch she would have gone to cut that from a neighbor’s tree.

Following a brief recount of your offense the first half of the spanking would begin – on rare occasion I would be permitted to keep my underwear on for this segment (she called it a “warm-up” ) but generally it was preceded by the command – “take off your underwear, I’m going to spank your bare fanny”.  Until I was about 8 years old, spankings were always OTK with mom seated on the stool using her hand or paddle; after 8 years old, I would stand and bend over the stool gripping the edges of the low seat.

Once in position, mom would spank me with her chosen implement – number of strokes equal to my age.  I have described her as a “full swing” spanker, regardless of tools used.

Once she completed the “warm up” it was time to move on to the main event – if I still had underwear on they were removed (rare), the second half was ALWAYS bare, and mom would change implements – moving up one on her list.  If the warm-up was by hand, she would change to paddle. 1st with paddle = 2nd with belt, 1st with belt = 2nd with switch (worst).

I really hated that belt or the switch because they left marks which would sometimes still be visible at my next gym class – yes, I still got spanked in junior high and occasionally in high school.  Spanking was common among my peers and marks would be seen on others, but it was always embarrassing and drew comments in the locker room.  I could sometimes manage to negotiate a delay to avoid the locker room exposure – usually that cost me a “late penalty”, third round of spanking which guaranteed the use of either the belt or a switch on Friday afternoon after school – sometimes it was worth it.

After a spanking, I would be left in the basement to compose myself and put things away.  There was never any additional mention of the offense or the spanking after it was completed – my slate was clean.

Julie Delcourt

Today some drawings by an artist I have long admired. Most of her drawings show females engaged in spanking or enema’s. Occasionally a young man will appear. I see all engaged in pleasure, not punishment. I like the clothing and the grooming. There is a softness in her drawings that I like. It should come as no surprise that straight women will from time-to-time enjoy an interlude of passion with another woman. It might be in college or in mid-life.


Tighty-whities were invented in 1934. Men at the time were sporting incredibly uncomfortable knee-length flannel knickers. Tighty-whities remained popular for a few decades. They began to lose their appeal in the 70s and 80s. In today’s society, tighty-whities act almost solely as a hilarious punchline.

  • 58% wear boxer brief
  • 18% wear boxer shorts
  • 16% wear colorful briefs or bikini briefs
  • 6% wear tighty whities
  • 2% wear thongs

So what is this post about?

I saw this picture and it got me thinking back. File it under TMI.

My Dad wore them. My mother bought them. I grew up wearing them. I don’t recall any guys wearing boxers in school. It seemed normal to me.

When I think of being paddled I always think of what I will be wearing. So does Bacall. That’s why she has a drawer full of spanking panties. I wore tighty-whities when we married, so they were naturally what I had on when Bacall put the board to me. For a while, my spanking ensemble was a white t-shirt, white socks, and tighty-whities. [The only time I wore white socks]

So for me, tighty-whities were my original spanking attire and so occupy a place in my memories.

Bacall started buying boxers for me and I found out how damn thin they were.  No protection from the paddle. Then one day I decided that I wanted to start out bare bottom. But, I still like to wear panties before a paddling. Call it a fetish. I have a fetish about wood paddles and panties.

PS Someone gave us a souvenir Attitude Adjuster paddle as in the picture. They are made of red cedar, a rather fragile wood for the purpose. It lacks a proper handle for a good grip.