Callipygous Bottoms

This is the last post I scheduled before leaving on our trip. Hopefully, I find some time to continue into June with more offbeat posts.


Penalty for overweight baggage


8 thoughts on “Callipygous Bottoms”

  1. ….and you saved the best ass photos for last.

    I think that last photo he was checking for contraband

  2. On this Memorial Day I would like to thank all those who have served in the military , and remember also those who gave the ultimate sacrifice
    I salute you all!

  3. Leaving and on a very high note with this post!

    Love the “airplane spanking”! Would never have thought a wing as a perfect place to bend a naughty gal across. And kudos to the pilot on a well delivered spanking!

    Stay safe Bogey & Bacall and I hope you have fun!

  4. What’s not to love about a cute bum!! I especially like the little wobble!

    Safe travels!

  5. This airplane is equipped with a parachute. it might be needed if you get Distracted spanking this girl in the air. (No I’m not a member of the mile high club.
    I think engaging the auto pilot and climbing in the backseat of an airplane doesn’t make a lot of sense from a safety perspective, especially today.)

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