The Man’s Choice

BTW, other bloggers, the ones that have no love for OBB. I sometimes notice when you repost pictures from here. Yes, I often put watermarks on them so small you don’t notice them. Ditto on themes. I post an odd non-spanking topic and the next week so do you. I am gratified.


OK, Guys, pick your spanker. Should be one for everyone. I am choosing the first one.

A variation on the post a few weeks back titled The French. We still have a maid and a martinet, but a man is being flogged.

12 thoughts on “The Man’s Choice”

  1. As an OTK spanker and spankee, it was either going to be #4 or #8, assuming the pic count starts after the lovely with the swirling hips.

    It could have been #7, she is sitting and her lovely large areolas showing through her shirt and the long thin paddle are inviting. That paddle has to give off some bodacious sound upon impact, really kicking up the experience.

    I tag #8; the bottom pic to tune-up my needing bare bottom. Great start with the bare-hand warm up, progressing to the ebony hairbrush. Just when I’m thinking she’s done, Whap! The mirror is connecting, spanking both right and left cheeks simultaneously. The added bonus of the mirror applied in the middle, is that previously un-spanked skin near the divide suddenly gets into the fray, sending me into spanking euphoria!

    Great post Bogey!

    1. what a great collection. This is very difficult to choose one.
      Six looks like she means business but there’s going to be more later, maybe satisfying her first. It’s hard to ignore five’s breasts And I like her serious expression. Since I like hard and long paddling, she’s hard to
      Six is my favorite for a couple of reasons. first, I love the idea of combining a very feminine woman and feeling her softness juxtaposed with a very painful spanking. I’m not sure how capable she is overpowering me but she has hairbrushes and could probably do the job. Finally, the bed in the background is promising for activity later. So I guess she’s my choice, followed by four became i am sure she means business.

  2. OK I’ll be the odd one and pick number 2 simply because I like that position when getting paddled.

    I’ve noticed your photos elsewhere myself. For a blog that the majority of other spanking blogs seem to dislike they do copy much of your stuff.
    They have even copied your political comments.
    I guess you should be flattered they think that much about you.
    Or they’re closet righties.

    1. I like the stand and receive position best myself. I also like to stand and deliver.

      I did not know they are copying my political content. Most of that comes from sources who know how to express an idea much better than I do That’s fine. Saturdays always get the most eyeballs. That could be because of the Saturday posts or people are just catching up on the weekend.

      1. Whilst you all fight over 6, wait in line, jerk off or rochambeau, me and 8 will have a spankingly good time!

    1. Just trying to bring in sophistication to a spanking blog; “rochambeau” does have a sound of sophistication, does it not?
      However, I am not ready to trade “spanking” for “fessée”… 😎

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