Spanked Together

Regular readers might remember that in my “old age” I have become fascinated with Bacall and I being spanked together.

This scene comes quickly to mind. (Tho with a slimmer spanker)

This might be interesting. I wonder if her sister will lift the blinds to allow the boys to peek in when she gets her comeuppance? Or does her hand on her bottom indicate Mom has already attended to her?

It’s a British spanking party, but gals are being spanked together. Those skimmer hats are a British staple. I like them.

More like this is what I have in mind.

Trivia footnote, same room, different bedspread, different scene.

12 thoughts on “Spanked Together”

  1. The gals at the British spanking party appear to be having as much fun as the guys, how spankings should be. Fun for all.

    My eyes went straight to the guys peeking in too. Love the smirk of the gal holding the blinds open, it says only her sister is getting spanked today.

    Those bottoms being spanked together are barely pink. I’m supposing the hairbrush on the stand will soon be in action, delivering more ouch-kind-of-fun. BTW, who the fvck paints a room that color?

  2. I’ve always loved the idea of being spanked with a partner, or better yet, having several women to spank or be spanked by. I wrote a story on this once many years ago involving my girlfriend and her sorority sisters. Alas, we never did it!

      1. Three things you can’t get back? Spoken word, wasted time and missed opportunities. Embracing my NEED to be spanked has enabled me to get past those ugly Victorian bullsh!t values and seize more opportunities. In spanking and more.

  3. Being spanked together with your wife was one of the best things we used to do. Not only did we enjoy the spankings given by this couple we were close friends with but I always enjoyed watching the expressions on my wife’s face as she was getting it. We always had this one room we used with a large table.
    We’d each lay across the table on opposite ends facing each other, holding each others hands. The sounds in that room from the spankings also played a big part in the experience. I think what I also enjoyed was getting my underwear pulled down while in position and my female spanker jerking me off while paddling.

    1. That sounds just perfect to me. We played with other couples but never together like you describe. She might be paddled across the room from where I was taking my paddle pops. I always set it up. I should have kept quiet and seen what the girls would do on their own.

  4. The English spankers look like they are all having a good time! Two school girls and a naughty French maid.

    Are French maids the only naughty ones?

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