Intercrural Sex

Admin note: We left home today in our motor home. Our direction is to North Dakota and then turn west. We have no destination in mind. As usual, we will keep to the back roads avoiding cities. We will have limited bandwidth and will be in dark places at times. I have posts scheduled through the end of May. We expect to return home before Halloween.

Intercrural sex. Isn’t that an odd term? I had never heard of it when recently I learned that intercrural sex is a fancy way of talking about leg humping. It is also referred to as a pussy job. You insert an erect member between her legs and rub it on her pussy. So many ways of getting off other than PIV. Oral, hand, foot and pussy jobs.

So keep leg humping in mind while I change the subject.

A lot of men are rigid before and after a spanking, but go soft when the action gets serious. I would too. But, that is not what I want to happen. I like hard paddle licks, but I want, what I demand, are a few seconds between licks to absorb the sting before the next lick lands. Recently, some women revealed the metal gymnastics they do to get themselves through the initial pain until the endorphins kick in. While I am absorbing the sting of a lick I imagine it flowing from my bottom to the intense swelling on the other side. Seems to work as the swelling increases during my paddling. 

In my 20-30’s, almost all F/M spanking stories I read had the man otk with his erection nestled between the woman’s thighs. The story would fork to either him losing his erection or coming on her legs.  I did not care for either path. I want to keep my erection for more conventional friction activities.

By reading other F/M blogs since I started this one, I have learned more about how other men mix sex and spanking. Anywho, I have learned that while some men get aroused by spanking they want the pain to overcome them and others do not want a happy ending. Better for them to be kept horny to be better serve their woman. I am sure it would help keep me focused on her. But, I am selfish. Besides I read that three orgasms a week will add four years to a man’s life. 

I saw a clip, where the man was getting a brisk caning. It made me filch. He was quite happy as he was vigorously humping the bench he was bending over and achieved orgasm.

There should be a point to this post, but it seems there is none.

5 thoughts on “Intercrural Sex”

  1. Whatever tickles one’s pickle, perhaps should be the point; however I do prefer the term coitus interfemoris (for those who get their ‘sighs’ between the thighs).

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