Just another picture post of women being spanked. With a musical bonus at the end.


Perhaps these gals will be sitting down with care.


From time-to-time, I have shared some music with you. But, not with any consistency. Stop what you are doing and give this your attention.

What If ‘Misty’ Was Played By 8 Legendary Jazz Pianists?


Do you ever read Vanilla Spankings? I found some things of interest in this post.

11 thoughts on “Spanked”

    1. Alas, I am not. I played the piano in my teens, but I had no talent. What intrigued me about the clip is the way different players can transpose in their heads. And the way those with real talent can instantly recognize what another has done.


      1. Well, I loved the link. I’ve studied all of these players but never saw anything that made it so clear about what they were doing. Thanks for the link!

      2. Can you please tell me how to send things to you? I don’t see any way to email or otherwise respond except comments. Thank you

  1. I love “the dancer” the most. The physical way she deals with the pain. Mmmm. I also like the Real Spankings clip, she grits her teeth. You can see the pain all over her face.

    1. Thank you! Lots of great music out there and it’s pretty subjective based on what people like.
      These jazz guys redefined music and everyone from Copeland to Bernstein picked up on what they were doing.
      Thanks for the great blog

  2. Love the Pretty When Pink collection of gorgeously spanked bottoms. They are perfect. I’m not so much a fan of the bludgeoned, bruise or welted look. I am on the lighter end of the spanking range. Happy where I am and content to remain.

    That little spanking dance was cute! I would probably do the same if we extended to belting.

    Love the pic in heels and white shirt walking away. It is more of an illustration, that perhaps has more “after the spank” to the story and the actual spanking which decorated her beautiful bum so perfectly. “Now she is off to the kitchen, making dinner or a round of cocktails in that attire”? Is she on her way to fetch a hairbrush or spatula for more spankings? The possibilities are endless.

    Can’t help but give honorable mention to the orgasmic expression of the EroticaX GIF. I have seen that look on others. It is what I feel when OTK.

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