Girls Trying To Get Paddled

Two women have told me they tried to get paddled in school. They were both in middle school at the time. One said she and her gf begged to be paddled just like a boy would have been for the same offense. Their pleas went unanswered.

I suspect they were not alone, just honest enough to reveal they tried to get the paddle in school?

Vanilla Spankings had an on-target post on the subject. Here is an excerpt:

Take this exchange between the characters played by Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1939 blockbuster, Union Pacific:

MOLLIE MONAHAN: Did you never know that flirting gets into a woman’s blood like fighting gets into a man’s? Now, a girl begins coquetting to discover if she has the power. Then she goes looking, like a fighter after a bully, for the hardest man to conquer. But ’tis never the man she wants, ’tis the pleasure of bringing him to her feet.

JEFF BUTLER: Till the right man comes along and gives her the spanking she deserves.

MOLLIE MONAHAN: Ah, that’s the man she dreams of.

This entire post on Vanilla Spankings.

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