For some, a spanking is almost incidental to the scene


Someone called this guy Bigfoot in a recent post. Here he is flogging a lass.

I feel a little sorry for this gal. Handcuffed and paddled fast and furious


For those into anal and hair pulling

If you Google spreader bars, you will find the industrial version


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

One like this is for home use. Easily made.

This one is offered for $180

Kinda unique





5 thoughts on “Bound”

  1. I echo the sentiments on #2, a teeny bottom with no junk in her trunk.
    I like #1. Everyone wants to look at the young and fresh QTs who are so pretty. This lady has come to accept and actively participate in the wonderful world of spanko. It says to me, “you don’t age out of spanking”. God bless her and power to her!
    The last pic, when you take time to permanently install restraint hooks, they are used frequently. She no doubt is in that position frequently.

    1. At some point, this old guy felt that spanking the cute younger ones, even those who wanted a Daddy, was out of bounds. So I am grateful for the mature women.

  2. I like the last one. She’s got a great bottom and that wall idea is definitely unique. Love the panties pulled down and bunched up and of course the heels!

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