9 thoughts on “Waiting For It”

  1. #3 is great! Pretty model and love the lingerie and heels. But ***sighs*** it is a professional photo with a professional model.
    #5 is a snapshot from real life and my vote for best! And would prefer to do the job OTK…

    1. If number three is by a professional photographer they don’t understand lighting very well. I think it’s an amateur photo. Or it could be what we call a “guy with camera”. Lots of those who don’t know what they’re doing

    1. Using the backlighting to create a white outline on her curvaceous bottom.
      Yeah, I suppose the photographer DOESN’T know lighting… [insert eyerolling emoji here] 🙄

      1. It’s so difficult to NOT stare at #3’s lovely bottom, pro-model or not, But I did just notice the plugs under the table. European?

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