Bra Spankings

Well, isn’t Bra Spanking an odd title? So I will open the week with something odd.

This first picture has been on my computer for almost two decades. It’s not that sexy is it? Why do I have it? I think I was drawn to it as we had a popup camper for a time. And we both got paddled in the great outdoors. I sure wish I had taken even one picture on those trips. Back in the days of film.

It’s obviously an amateur picture. The best kind, I think. It shows her bottom a light pink. She is young, 20-something I would guess. Perhaps the picture represents the charm and innocence of youth? That could be Bacall holding on to the tree. She has a thing for trees.

The other reason is that her bra strap is somehow appealing to me. Yes, I know that is weird. This is a self discovery I have made in my old age. I have always been drawn to small breasted women – B or maybe C cup. Small breasts are just as sensitive as larger ones to licks, caresses and pinches. They have the advantage of less sagging due to the natural aging process.

I looked through my pictures and found several that feature less endowed women taking or giving a spanking while wearing a bra. So I have had this fetish for a long time, it was just made clear to me recently.

There are times, that bare breasted is less appealing to me than wearing a bra. So revoke my male certification. In my spanking days, getting her bra off was never a thing with me. There was no reason for her bra to be off to be spanked. Some men think it adds humiliation. I don’t think anyone I spanked wanted to be humiliated. I sure never wanted to humiliate anyone.

Spanking was never a peep show for me. I could care less about her “parts”. I focused on spanking her. I watched how her body reacted to ever lick. Was there an involuntary muscle tremor? Did her head come up? Did she vocalize? Etc.

This one of girl spanking girl is equally appealing to me. Again small breasted. I think I might like this picture even more if the spankee had on a bra.

I have had the pleasure of seeing a few girl spanks girl scenes. Bacall was the spanker in a few of them. Have to say, the girls never held back.


In this girl spanks guy image, she has on a more substantial bra than the previous ones. The guy has his gossamer panties pulled down. [You know even thin panties provide protection from the sting of the paddle] I am not sure why she is holding the paddle like she is. It’s going to take some wrist action to get it flat on contact.


The next two are long time favs. They are from a series of a pro spanker giving the guy a long paddling. [In Atlanta, I think] Yeah, it’s her bra that makes it for me.



If one girl spanking a guy is good, two is four times as good.


The next four pictures show girls trying to look intimidating.


The next one shows no indication of an upcoming spanking. But I sure would like to be paddled by her. She looks like a lot of fun to me.


Two small breasted girls getting what for.


Motel room bondage fun. Love her enigmatic smile.



You think the blonde with her tongue out might enjoy a good time? You think the girl gripping her might know what kind of fun she likes?


I don’t expect any comments that anyone else that shares my unusual fetish. So it was an odd post, but that is standard fare here at OBB. Hope you enjoyed it.

If you want to know how Dallas (spanks hard) got into spanking listen to the podcast Never Too Old For Agoodspankin

7 thoughts on “Bra Spankings”

  1. I won’t say that bra spankings are a fetish of mine, however the post was enjoyable.
    It’s that offbeat stuff you post that keeps me coming here.
    Don’t stop

    Actually I sort of have s fetish for women spankers wearing just garters, stockings and heels.
    Nothing else, no bra, no panties.
    Also prefer women to have some hair on their pussy. I love when the carpet matches the drapes, especially redheads.
    Not a big fan of hardwood floors

  2. I agree with you 100%. I also like it when the girl is getting spanked over her panties. I never pull down the panties for a spanking unless asked.

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