Getting The Switch

Bacall and I were recipients of the switch. We know the terror of being told to go outside and get a good one. It is nothing either of us cares to relive. I have known a few women who loved the ritual of cutting their own switch and have their bottoms and legs stung and marked with a switch.

I prefer to use a thin green switch, in fact, several as they would be destroyed before I finished.

I think the following picture is remarkable. I see a middle-aged woman living out a fantasy. At about age 44 women of my generation became bold and acted on what they wanted.

The picture has the ever-popular element of being nude outside where you could be discovered. [I say so what if you are caught. You are not doing anything illegal]

PS, please don’t comment on her boobs, they have nothing to do with the switching. I love the look in her eyes.

Of course, it can also be an indoor activity.

One more

5 thoughts on “Getting The Switch”

  1. Being made to pick a switch is one of my big fantasies too! Daddy and I have done it once while at a campground (and could have been discovered), and once at home. Such a delicious sting!

  2. “I see a middle-aged woman living out a fantasy.”

    Judging by her expression and the look in her eyes, I don’t think this is her first time – I suspect she has been in that grove of trees before. The only question would be – Is she the switcher or the switchee? She is “all in” probably for either or both. Reminds me of a certain boat trip, it was darker but the state of undress and the expressions were very similar.

    “At about age 44 women of my generation became bold and acted on what they wanted.”

    ….and it was awesome! Old enough to know what they liked and wise enough to ask for it!

  3. A reader sent me this. I wanted to share without attribution.

    This photo which you posted in “Getting the Switch”, is undoubtedly one of the sexiest, erotic, provocative photos I have ever seen.

    It is pretty obvious that she is not a professional model, not rail thin with enhanced breasts, rather she carries a very few extra pounds, has intact pubic hair, smile lines and a wrinkle or two around her eyes. She is experienced.

    She is not a babe in the woods – she is the woman next door, an executive secretary at the Fortune 500 Company where I used to work, or a member of my church.

    She is totally comfortable in her own skin at least with her present company.

    As this photo was taken, I can easily imagine her saying, “What do you think of this one for starters dear?”

    She knows exactly what she wants and her erect nipples indicate she is ready and eager for it to progress – be it having her own fanny switched or delivering a sound switching to her unseen partner – or perhaps both!

  4. I share our esteemed host and hostess’ views on the switch; no interest. The switch like the cane are not compatible with OTK either.

    We have discussed sound on OBB and the sound of the switch, the swish, is not so exciting for me. Unlike the unmistakable sound of the paddle, hairbrush or other flat implement upon contacting a bared bottom. Whap, crack or whack.

    Being naked, nude or whatever you want to call it, outdoors, is a thrill and adds heightened playfulness to any activity.

    And yes, she does look comfortable in her body. As to her boobs, they are gorgeous! And the look in her eye, I cannot tell if she is switcher or switchee. But she is in for an intense and memorable time!

    Fun post, really loved all the comments from the readers as well!

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