First, I would like to give a big FU to WordPress for forcing the use of their Block Editor.

Second, we will be on a short trip for a week or so. I may or may not be online.

Potpourri Posts are when I accumulate too many pictures that have nothing in common with one another. Some of this and that.

I would like to dedicate this post to Mary Louise Parker who ranks high on my spankability meter.

She got spanked more than once on Weeds

Back When Life Was Easy


As Seen on Hotbottoms Blog. It Could Be The New Digital Art That Sells For Millions

Can Someone Please Explain To Me What This Is About?



I Am Informed This Is Called A Screw Cactus. Does the flower have a face?

I really miss seeing her on my morning run. Talk about firm.

OK, Let’s try another interaction. I post the picture. I ask the question. You reply. The question is what is the gal on the left thinking?


In closing, a classic tango

7 thoughts on “Potpourri”

  1. She’s thinking ‘Just my luck!… I get a Spanko Director who’s a boob-man too!” Either that, or rethinking her decision this morning to go Commando under her jeans.

  2. Safe travels Bogey & Bacall! What spanking implements will be packed on this journey?
    Assuming she got paid extra $ for showing her lovely boobs, she could be pondering what she is going to spend it on… She does have pretty and shapely boobs.
    Anyone else notice how FUGLY the spanker is?!?! Geeze, what pound did that hound come out of…

  3. Safe travels!
    I loved that first spanking scene on Weeds…I so did not see that coming!
    In the picture of the two gals bent over with their breasts exposed…the one of the left at least looks a little nervous (as she should!)…the gal on the right does not look nervous at all…she looks a little coy, or like she’s enjoying herself. The paddles they use at Real Spankings are typically wooden and heavy! I imagine neither of these girls will be sitting comfortably for awhile….

    1. I recall one other spanking Nancy Botwin got – maybe two. Not enough to wipe the smirk off her face and that is fine with me. I like some attitude.

      Is that the look of being nervous? I see something else, but can’t put a word to it.

      Imagine getting paid to take a paddling you really want.

  4. Don’t know what those two photos are about and honestly I don’t want to know.

    That look on her face. I think she just farted.

    Have a great trip !!

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