Last Saturday In March

I think this perfectly illustrates how the socialist policies help no one while pissing tax dollars away.

Big government programs usually fail. San Francisco is spending $16.1 million on “safe sleeping villages” containing a total of 262 tents for the homeless. That’s $61,000 each, approaching the median individual income in San Francisco, yet they still live in tents.
Here is one location of the safe sleeping villages in front of the city hall in San Fransisco.

Housing was once affordable in San Francisco

“Most people know that the San Francisco Bay Area has one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation. However, not everyone realizes that, as recently as 1970, Bay Area housing was as affordable as housing in many other parts of the country. Data from the 1970 census shows that a median-income Bay Area family could dedicate a quarter of their income to housing and pay off their mortgage on a median-priced home in just 13 years. By 1980, a family had to spend 40 percent of their income to pay off a home mortgage in 30 years; today, it requires 50 percent.”
— Economic Facts and Fallacies: Second Edition by Thomas Sowell



On this week’s Colorado shooting:

Former President Barack Obama released a statement on the Boulder shooting saying recent killings are being driven by “disaffection, racism and misogyny” — despite Colorado officials identifying the gunman who slaughtered 10 inside a grocery store as mentally ill.
But other recent mass shootings were committed out of religious zeal — which went unmentioned by Obama — by radicalized Muslim Americans whose families recently immigrated to the United States.
Tucker Calls Him Out
Barack Obama has been labeled ‘a racial arsonist’ by Tucker Carlson, with the Fox News host accusing the former president of emerging only to foment societal tension. Carlson said that the former president ‘took a break from becoming one of the richest men in the world’ to weigh in.  ‘More than any other contemporary American leader, Barack Obama is a racial arsonist,’ said Carlson. ‘He emerges at our most vulnerable moments to deepen the wounds that divide us. He sows hate.’
This is what I was talking about last week. Barack gave racism back to America.

Biden Speaks  Reads Cards

The President was at his most dishonest in addressing the Senate legislative filibuster. Asked if the 60-vote threshold is a legacy of racist Jim Crow, Mr. Biden said yes. But then what was Senator Biden doing in 2006 joining a filibuster attempt (which failed) against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito?

On Wednesday Sen. Ben Sasse, the Nebraska Republican, did the public service of reading Mr. Biden’s entire hour-long 2005 speech de- fending the filibuster on the Senate floor.

“If there is one thing this country stands for it’s fair play—not tilting the playing field in favor of one side or the other, not changing the rules unilaterally. We play by the rules, and we win or lose by the rules,” Mr. Sasse quoted Vintage Joe of 2005. “That quintessentially Ameri- can trait is abandoned in the ‘nuclear option.’ Republican Senators as well as Democratic ones have benefited from minority protections. Much more importantly, American citizens have benefited from the Senate’s check on the excesses of the majority.”

Mr. Biden’s flip-flop tells us that Democrats in Congress are preparing to break the 60-vote filibuster rule, and he’ll go along for the ride as he has on everything since Jan. 20. He’s been less President than Prime Minister of the Pelosi- Schumer government.

Democrats are waiting to lay the anti-filibusterer groundwork politically, and Mr. Biden played his part by denouncing modest GOP state election reforms as “sick.” Watch for Democrats to use the highly partisan H.R.1 to break the filibuster in the name of “democracy.” That 800-page legislation would overrule 50 state election laws and reduce absentee-ballot verification and integrity.


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