Strict Julie Readers Are Loyal

Vegas is wide open

Now I have posted some eye candy for the ladies. Bacall sure likes it.


I recently posted a list of what I thought were some half-decent spanking clips. Well, those that had some appeal to me. I asked readers to submit their own favs. I got zero. Thanks a lot, folks

Strict Julie recently posted several clips. None of them turned my crank, but she got dozens of suggested clips. I guess her readers, mostly male subbies, are more loyal than OBB readers.

Julie shows her domme side saying things like I can whip a man like that. I enjoy doing it. Even writing that makes me gush a little.

That makes me cringe. I have never wanted to be whipped. I never wanted to be dominated or humiliated. But, I know I am in the minority for not giving a whit about such.

I have been reading Strick Julie for some time, usually dropped jawed. It might well be the most read spanking blog. I read it mostly drop-jawed thinking this cannot be true. For years she pushed every male sub fantasy. Then she turned sub. Now it’s a mix. I often thought this can not be a woman writing this, it has to be a man. But, the words seemed to be from a female POV.  I wonder how many people are involved in writing Strick Julie?

Recently she fantasized about being on a Spanish Horse. I thought why not go all in and add weights to the ankles as they did in the Spanish Inquisition?

In going through my drafts I found I had already written about this blog. It must have really bothered me. There are all sorts of critics. I guess I am a blog critic.

There are fantasies I would not participate in.  There are fantasies I don’t even care to know that exist in people’s minds. Lupus Pictures depicted such things.

I read a blog last week, that chilled me. Before I could control my impulses I commented that the author had crossed my line. My line. She had gone to a place I would never care to go. Yes, she has the right to go there. I think I have the right to say that is too far for me.

A lot of “play” is Please don’t throw me in that briar patch. I guess that is consensual non-consensual play. Would the ultimate fantasy be the ultimate punishment? Would death by guillotine be consensual non-consensual play?

She is one bright woman. I have enjoyed reading her political posts which her readers savage her for writing. Their vitriol rolls off her. Good for her.

That’s all I have for you today.

3 thoughts on “Strict Julie Readers Are Loyal”

  1. Hi Bogey – I always value and welcome your comments on my blog. I know the wooden pony one was over the line for you, and while I would like to experience it for maybe 30s (or less! Safeword anyone?) I am sane enough to not want to be punished on it. But my brain is a bit messed up, which I accept, and I can’t stop my fantasies, nor would I want to. They are part of who I am.

    P.s. it really is just me. No writers on staff, though that would be fun to launch “Strict Julie Enterprises”! I would hire you right away for the softer stuff.

    1. Pleased to know you 1) took no offense 2) still read OBB. A diagram of how your brain is wired would be interesting and probably scary to me. Yes, that’s me, the soft stuff, Mr. Marshmellow.

  2. Strict Julie; I have heard of your site, this is the first time I visited. Enjoyed reading your take on the Female’s side of the FM spank topic.
    I liked how you shared what does and does not arouse you from the spanking POV. I have always wondered if women got hot giving a spanking. I know they get hot getting one from many first had experiences.
    Loved the old spankings from Leda and/or Nu West, they are still the best. And a couple from Wooden Spoone. Miss Lisa had amazing stamina, dishing out those marathon 10 minute spankings, seemingly never slowing down. For him, I imagine the spanking was longer because the beginning of the video, he is already red and she is in high gear. The end fades out with her still in overdrive spanking speed. I believe they split, he took all of them down from ST.

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