F/M – Pick Your Poison


Where are you? Stats say:

For Openers

When you see legs like this do get a little thrill?

Make Your Choice


Or Julia

Or Maybe This Joan?

You come into a room and see this woman with a paddle

Describe your feelings in 200 words

Maybe you would prefer this lass?

Perhaps You Need More?


File this one under absurd captions

9 thoughts on “F/M – Pick Your Poison”

  1. I thought that last photo was a choice of two on one spanking, until I read that stupid caption.

    I’ll go with Joan.

  2. I’m hoping the answer sheet on this one has a D) All the above… but if I had to choose just one, Christina Hendricks! ‘Hubba-hubba!!

  3. Julia from the Nu-West Leda studios! Oh yeah!
    And a shout out to Nu-West Leda for their entry into the topic of spanking. The multiple camera angles of scene, face, bottom and above, and FF, FM, MF using a wide variety of spanking implements. Their dated videos are still quite watchable.

  4. I agree with Theo, NuWest – Lead were the best videos ever made in this business. Those women were not not strict but HOT.

    1. Oh yeah Hands! And that Hawt little blonde who spanked David in so many videos occasionally bares her beautiful body. She’s the entire package to look at plus dishes up a helluva great spanking. I’d prefer being over her knee to Julia’s.

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