Spanked Again!

For those toiling for a living – it’s Hump Day. For the rest of us, it’s another Saturday.


Today it’s another lame picture post of women being hand spanked

My The Favorite Spanking Couple

A Classic from the past – Her hair makes it an action shot

Is she next? Is that a LEZ paddle

Imagine her sweet moans


9 thoughts on “Spanked Again!”

  1. Another great set! Love the one with the two girls….she knows she is next, her panties have already been lowered, and she knows it will be with the paddle….oh the dread and excitement she must be feeling!

    1. …the dread and excitement, YES. We think anticipation is exciting for the spankee. It’s fun for the spanker to get the spankees’ mind in that headspace. Bacall likes to a day to mull it over and get herself “in the mood”

  2. Great set of pics.
    Not sure why you refer to hand spanking as “lame”. The “bare hand on bare bottom” is likely where it began for all of us. Either our bare bottom was a target our lover could not resist. The arm wound up and the unmistakable crack upon flesh resonated the room. The “smackee” smiled, let out an “ahhh”, said something sassy to get another and off you went into the amazingly wonderful world of spanko. 😀

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