Just Cute Girls

I forgot to schedule any posts for this week until Monday. So spank me.

Yet another picture post of cute girls

Would this pattern not look good on sheets, curtains, placements?

Who cares if she catches anything or even if there is water in the creek?

6 thoughts on “Just Cute Girls”

  1. Regarding pic #1, it would look nice indeed if I were the Jolly Green Giant with a lap spacious enough to accommodate all of those lovely bottoms at the same time.

  2. Amazingly gorgeous set Bogey!
    Love the story the snapshot of the blond seems to say; “I am outside, I am naked and I am happy!!!”
    The side of our house is shielded from other homes. When my Lady is in the kitchen, I love to strip for her in a playful way. It is a playful act, she always laughs and smiles and leads us into wonderful activities…

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