10 thoughts on “Hand Spanked! Throwback Thursday”

  1. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer? Man, I haven’t had one of those since… Sixth Grade! LOL
    Oh, and I like your idea of a Throwback Thursday!

      1. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Haven’t seen that beef around here in over 30 years. We used to have about a dozen major breweries here but they’re all gone now. Last one was Reingold, the sponsor of the NY Yankees.
        Now we got dozens of this craft beer crap breweries serving citrus beer.

  2. I like the photo of the pajama girl. That’s one of my favorite things to do is to remove the pj’s and lower the panties before taking her over my knee.

  3. You also used to have three major league baseball teams.
    I’ll bet you could still find PBR. It’s available here and in many western states.
    I have been known to drink just to see what others will say. Always stirring the pot.
    Pacifico is my fav. It’s an industrial pilsner

  4. Love my Lady’s hand spanks. On an upcoming trip over her knee, it will once again be time for the challenge: who can take more? My bottom or her hand?

    Said it before and will many more times; a freshly spanked is the one of the prettiest shades of pink. My fav is #2, notice the wedding ring? The woodshed or cabin appearance makes it more of an illustration with some many possible stories of the pre and post spanking.

    Love the gal patiently waiting for her spanking, as he preps her gorgeous bottom while resting her elbows on a convenient log.

    Last pic of the Tilted Kilt gal, a Hooters’ type knock off, seems to have been a fad. I believe most have closed.

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