Images To Brighten Any Voyers Day

Housekeeping – For whatever reason readership at OBB is way up. That’s gratifying. I think it is more meaningful to me in these Covid times. Like you, I miss the companionship of friends. Several of you have found and pressed the Like button that appears at the bottom of every post. Thanks

Comments – I have always limited comments to those who take the time to register to WordPress. I have never cared for anonymous comments that are commonly off-topic about some guy who claims to be spanked by his M-I-L. Hope you can understand. Hope you will register and comment. No one is going to show up at your front door if you do.

And now

How about a dose of nine cute smiling women?

An amazing figure


8 thoughts on “Images To Brighten Any Voyers Day”

    1. Yeah, her hair calls to me. Great image. With the light streaming in the window, the photographer got a good exposure on her bottom. I pay attention to such details.

      We saw some snowflakes in the air for a while here this morning.

  1. They certainly brightened up my morning Bogey. And I would add a super sweet way to start my day!

    I always love the playfulness of an outdoor flash or better yet, completely nude. There’s something so magical about it.

    But hands down fav is #2. It is one of those pics that tells a story, with her teasingly pulling her panties down, as in “how about this?” Or “see anything you like?”

      1. Hey Bogey, I will take one for the team by cuddling with the beautiful bubble bottom fur blanket gal….

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