I’ll bet you have seen this guy – Tubaman. He must make several spanking videos a week. I don’t care for them, but as usual, I am in the minority as he would not be making so many of them unless the money was there. So good for him.

I know a little about him from friends who know him from spanking parties. One lass described him as a legend in his own mind. Years ago he told me he wanted to join every spanking group in the country. Our group was a little too intimate for drop-ins, so we declined him.

He makes most of the videos at spanking parties where there is an abundance of bottoms, especially spanking models. You know the gals with otherworldy hair colors and cheerleader outfits that don’t fit.

The off-putting thing to me in some of his promo videos are the lame paddle licks he gives followed by screams, bottom rubbing and drama from the women. But, folks, it’s selling.

I called out his lame paddle licks on Twitter. He replied that since I did not have many followers and he had thousands…well you get the idea.

He has several promotionals called 100 Swats clips, where he gives a single lick to numerous gals. Here’s an example. After 1:12 seconds of credits, he gives her a single lick over her jeans then she jumps around and rubs her bottom for 15 seconds. It continues with more of the same with different models.

100 Swats

It’s great that he is so successful, he never held a job that will pay a pension, so it’s a good deal for him.

I’m not being critical, just laughing while he laughs all the way to the bank.

5 thoughts on “Grandpa”

  1. I couldn’t get past 3 minutes of that guy. Beyond boring and he strikes me as a pervert.

    Amazing how characters like “grandpa” make these videos and actually make money.
    Where did I go wrong?

    1. I should have said watching over a minute of it might bore one. I think we went wrong by enjoying spanking more than having our spankings filmed. I wish had recorded a few more now, but I was focused on spanking and I never wanted to interrupt the action. Most of what did get recorded were taken by Bacall who has to be the worst photographer on the planet.

      1. Agreed. Boring and a pervert. I suspect his fetish isn’t spanking at all, but voyeurism. Also, is he paying/coaching these girls to jump like that?

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