School Paddlings

Holy Moly! Tuesday’s post Who chooses the position for spanking? garnered more than double the usual number of eyeballs. I think it was an all-time high. I had no idea the topic would be popular. In fact, I didn’t think it would be popular at all.


I got paddled at school in almost every grade. I was a failure at controlling my impulses and also at getting away with anything. I hated the paddlings. I feared them. Yet, as an adult, I crave them.

A short picture post today about girls getting spanked, paddled in a school setting.

This is from a mainstream movie, Bored To Death, they are fooling around and get caught by the janitor.

Here a pro film copies the real world. Girls always check out the results.

Another from Real Spankings. She realizes it will be the paddle for her.

The stuff that dreams are made of. Tight jeans, suitable paddle, willingly bent over.

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4 thoughts on “School Paddlings”

  1. I was paddled in school for always forgetting my homework. What these teachers that were wielding these paddled neglected to understand was I was on medication to control seizures as a kid. It’s a wonder I showed up save remembering to do homework assignments. So I know the bite and the sting of that wooden devil.

    1. I can relate MJ. Before it had a name, I had ADD, still do. It causes the inability to control impulses. The deed is done before you think about it. This led to being paddled because of my behavior. Now it can be controlled with drugs.

  2. Paddled in school I was not, however I was put across the lap of a teacher and spanked quite firmly with my bottom bare. An experience I remember to this day. Not only did it hurt but it was humiliating as all hell in being spanked along with my partner in crime in front of a group of moms watching the entire punishment.
    I believe I wrote about it somewhere on this blog.

  3. The older kids were always telling stories of spankings in the Principals office. They were telling us we were bad and going to get one, blah, blah, blah. There were no school spankings, it was all urban legend.
    Funny part is, the kids who told us we would get spanked? They were the trouble makers who likely would have or did get them if it happened.
    I was an active kid, but not really a hellion or trouble maker. Nothing I ever did would have warranted corporal punishment.
    I have a sibling who as an adult was diagnosed as bi-polar. My sibling had all sorts of troubles due to it and if school spankings were allowed, the sibling would have been beat regularly. There were a couple dyke teachers married to wussy husbands and it was before gays came out of the closet. Those dykes would have beat the crap out of everyone if it had been allowed. They were stuck in a world they could not escape and taken their issue out on others.

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