Witnessing A Paddling – An Audition With Ed

I recently posted a few stills of Ed Lee paddling a lass. A reader’s comment inspired me to write this vignette. [I use the term vignette to indicate I have not fleshed out the story or dialog. I am lazy. You do it.

Sharon was visiting her older cousin, Elizabeth, over the summer break before her senior year. She was enjoying her freedom away from her parents and had just celebrated her 21st birthday. Her cousin told her she had an audition for a part in an adult film. No sex, but it was kinky. She was going to have a take a paddling to be considered for the role. Elizabeth invited her to come along. Elizabeth wore a tight sleeveless knit top and short shorts. Not her normal style of dressing, but it was what she was told to wear.

The audition was not in Hollywood, but in an office in a warehouse district in east LA. Sharon was introduced to Ed Lee, the owner, and director. Ed said she was welcome to watch the audition which would only take a few minutes.
Ed talked with Elizabeth. He asked her if she had ever been paddled. Then he explained he would give her 10 licks with the frat-style paddle he was holding in his hand. He expected her to stay in position no matter how much it stung. How she took her licks would determine if she would be offered the role in the film where she would again be paddled.
Sharon was slightly startled by the frank language, but also drawn witnessing the paddling of her cousin who had sometimes lorded over her to have her way. Without further discussion, Ed told Elizabeth to bend over and grab ahold of her ankles and not to let go. Ed stepped to her side pulled the paddle back and with body English let the paddle fly into Elizabeth’s fleshy bottom. It cracked and Elizabeth exhaled a muffled cry. Somehow she managed to take another nine licks while remaining in position. When she stood up her hands immediately went to massage her bottom.
Ed told her she had the part with the standard appearance rate of $1,500. He turned to Sharon and asked she would like to also audition.
Sharon’s mind flashed back to the last time her parents paddled her when she was in HS.
Will Sharon take the audition?
I see three sections that could be expanded. What Sharon was thinking about while Elizabeth was being paddled. Second, what were her memories of her last paddling from her parents? And of course what she was thinking about taking Ed up on his offer.]

Being spanked with a witness is a hot button for many girls and boys. It’s also a no-go zone for others. We have enjoyed watching others being spanked and Bacall, for sure, has enjoyed showing off while being spanked in front of others. I am not a great performer while being paddled, but I have enjoyed it immensely when two women paddled me.

I was asked to witness the spanking of one young lady. Her spanker asked me, but it was her idea. I did my best to hold my tongue and let the scene play out.

6 thoughts on “Witnessing A Paddling – An Audition With Ed”

  1. Also…while I love the GIF at the top, do know that WordPress will shut you down for that sort of thing. I didn’t know this for the first few years I was on here. Thankfully, WP sent me an email and let me know prior to just deleting my account….and I went through and deleted my more graphic content off my page and out of my media library. To the best of my knowledge…spanking pictures are okay, and the nude female form is okay. But the between the legs vajajay pictures, cock pictures, any kind of penetration or blow jobs…all that can get you shut down. I had to delete so many pictures from my blog in order to stay “open”. I would hate to see your blog disappear so just giving you the heads up.

      1. Oh man! I didn’t mean to say anything that would give you cause to cancel hump day. There are lots of pictures that aren’t as graphic, though, they are harder to find (I am finding)…..

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