10 Callipygous Bottoms

I have been posting six days a week since before Christmas. The posts already in the can are getting low. If you want me to keep it up, show a little love. At least a ‘Like”, if you don’t have a comment.


10 Callipygous Bottoms you would like to spank

17 thoughts on “10 Callipygous Bottoms”

  1. When we started this blog, my blogging friend Mel told us never to let statistics and the number of likes etc discourage us. She always said do it for your own enjoyment. I have found that has helped keep the fun in blogging….xx

    1. Your friend is right. I must suffer from wanting some attention. Positive or negative. Maybe heightened in these times. There should be a ‘This suxs’ button. Thanks for stopping by.

      Ever have a serious conservation with someone and they give you no indication they are listening? Blank face, no head nodding.

      1. ❤ I think online is different to different users. Some bloggers are friendly and try to build connections. Others are like random punters wandering around a museum and gallery at the weekend to idle away their time. They don't always see the person behind what the exhibit. They come, the view, they go, they move on to the next exhibit. But people are all different. There is no point worrying about it. They all have their own lives. In fact I think it is perhaps the people with the most interesting lives who might just treat their half an hour of wandering around a few WordPress blogs like a gallery. There are some of us who have no life anymore under these lockdown restrictions and to us, having contact with people through any means is rescuing our sanity ❤

        Never take it personal that some of your audience may make more of an effort to connect with you and show their appreciation than others…xx

  2. The first photo is absolutely gorgeous! Pinup material.

    And always know I’ll support your blogging efforts. !!

    I’m digging out from about 16 inches of snow today.

  3. Outstanding collection!


    “It’s time for your paddling, put your hands flat on the desk and stick out your fanny.”

    “L-i-k-e t-h-i-s?”

    “That’ll do just fine…….”

    Bogey, I couldn’t help it – her pose and expression made me fantasize the dialog.

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