Life At The Bottom

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“Whatever you believe, you might be wrong.” Bill Clinton

Life At The Bottom

“Poverty used to mean hunger and inadequate clothing to protect you against the elements, as well as long hours of grinding labor to try to make ends meet. But today most of the people living below the official poverty line not only have enough food, but they are also actually slightly more likely than others to be overweight.

Ordinary clothing is so plentiful that young hoodlums fight over designer clothes or fancy sneakers. As for work, there is less of that in lower-income households today than among the affluent. Most of today’s poor have color TV and microwave ovens. Poverty in the old physical sense is nowhere near as widespread as it once was.

Yet life at the bottom is no picnic—and is too often a nightmare. A recently published book titled Life at the Bottom paints a brilliantly insightful, but very painful, picture of the underclass—its emptiness, agonies, violence and moral squalor. This book is about a British underclass neighborhood where its author, Theodore Dalrymple, works as a doctor. That may in fact make its message easier for many Americans to understand and accept.

Most of the people that Dalrymple writes about are white, so it may be possible at last to take an honest look at the causes and consequences of an underclass lifestyle, without fear of being called “racist.” The people who are doing the same socially destructive and self-destructive things that are being done in underclass neighborhoods in the United States cannot claim that it is because their ancestors were enslaved or because they face racial discrimination.

Once those cop-outs are out of the way, maybe we can face reality and even talk sense about how things became such a mess and such a horror. As an emergency room physician, Theodore Dalrymple treats youngsters who have been beaten up so badly that they require medical attention—because they tried to do well in school. When that happens in American ghettos, the victims have been accused of “acting white” by trying to get an education. On the other side of the Atlantic, both the victims and the hoodlums are white.”

— The Thomas Sowell Reader by Thomas Sowell

More Green Blackouts Ahead

Your betters know what is best for you

You’d think the Texas blackouts would trigger some soul-searching about the vulnerability of America’s electrical grid. Not in today’s hothouse of climate politics. The Biden Administration is already moving to stop an examination of grid vulnerability to promote unreliable renewable energy sources.

Regulators have been warning for years that the grid is becoming shakier as cheap natural gas and heavily subsidized renewables replace steady coal and nuclear baseload power. “The nation’s power grid will be stressed in ways never before experienced” due to “an unprecedented resource-mix change,” the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) warned in 2011.

It added: “Environmental regulations are shown to be the number one risk to reliability over the next one to five years.” But the Obama Federal Energy Regulatory Commission(FERC) refused to consider how climate policies would affect reliability. Since 2011 about 90 gigawatts (GW) of coal capacity have shut down, replaced by some 120 GW of wind and solar and 60 GW of gas power capacity.

Covid ‘Relief’ Through 2028

Schools are getting billions they can spend over nearly a decade.

About half of the 1.8 trillion will be spent on anything remotely related to Covid.

Perhaps you’ve heard that the $1.9 trillion House spending bill is meant to provide “urgent” and “emergency” relief. But did you know that the Covid emergency in America’s schools will apparently last through 2028?

The House proposal showers K-12 schools with nearly $129 billion. That’s on top of the $13.2 billion allocated in last spring’s Cares Act and the $54.3 billion in December’s bipartisan splurge. According to the Congressional Budget Office, schools have spent only a fraction of that previous $67.5 billion. It’s hard to spend money when schools aren’t open for classroom instruction since unions have resisted returning to work in much of the country.

Because of this leftover cash, CBO estimates that a mere $6.4 billion of the new aid package will be spent for K-12 schools in the 2021 fiscal year. That’s right—only $6 billion of $129 billion will be spent during the pandemic emergency.

CBO estimates that $32.1 billion will be spent in fiscal 2022 on K-12 schools, $32.1 billion in 2023, $25.7 billion in 2024, $19.3 billion in 2025, $9 billion in 2026, $2.6 billion in 2027, and $1.3 billion in 2028.

In other words, this isn’t about Covid relief. School districts can spend the funds on a wide range of options—from sanitizing classrooms to “continuing to employ existing staff of the local educational agency”—and the money is fungible. This means that, after the pandemic eases perhaps as soon as this year, school districts are likely to use the money to pad their bureaucracies and teacher payrolls. One of the bill’s few limitations is that local educational agencies must spend 20% of their funds to address “learning loss” with interventions such as summer school or extended-day programs. This would require more money for teacher pay or additional hiring for union dues-paying positions.

You can bet many districts will also use the money for pensions and higher salaries. The bill is essentially a nearly decade-long subsidy for the unions that supported Joe Biden.

The Valley Of Fire – Reprise

This is from 2015, Bacall wrote part of it. Here it is again, with proper punction and misspelled words corrected.

We are traveling in our motor home from one fantastic place to another. Today we are in the Valley of Fire State Park which is about 50 miles from Las Vegas. This is our first time here. This place has some fantastically colored and oddly eroded rocks. A wonderland of geology. Even in March, the weather is delightfully warm.

We arrived just before noon. We found a parking place that is U-shaped. High rock walls on three sides. Perfect privacy. For some reason, I thought of our decorative boat paddle which hangs on the wall. I took it down and we tried it out in our private canyon. The sound reverberated off the rock. I decided that it could be confused with driving tent stakes in the ground or splitting firewood. Besides, there was no one else around. So we took turns warming each other up with it. And it did exactly that and not just to our backsides. We hatched a plan to ratchet up our play the next morning. So with stinging bottoms, we took a short scenic drive and were back for lunch. While Bacall was fixing sandwiches, I asked her to come out and give me some more pops. Well, she wanted more also. So we had lunch on stinging bottoms. Still, we were thinking of delaying play until the next day – going for the teasing and anticipation factors.

fish paddleThe Fish Paddle

We wanted to rest for a short time before we took off to explore the park. That’s when our plan fell apart. When she took off her pants, I told her I wanted to paddle her. She was on board with that and I got her favorite holey paddle and started slow and easy for a few dozen licks, gradually upping the intensity. She started wiggling her naughty bottom around and I knew she was feeling quite randy. I used my left hand to fondle her and continued paddling with my right. I finally decided screw tomorrow we are going to do it right now. Our trusty vibrator was close by, so I slipped it on my left hand and continued to paddle her. Well, wouldn’t you know she came twice – rather loudly. Loud enough for anyone walking by to know what was up. Good for her.

When she came down off the ceiling, she wanted a piece of male tail. And I wanted her to have mine. I gave her our meanest stingy paddle. She said she was not going to hold back and I told her to go for it. After a few licks, I knew she meant business and was wiggling around. She told me to stay in position as she was far from though. I don’t know how many licks she gave me, but she sure had me on fire. Both back and front.

She slipped the vibrator on her hand and I erupted in short order. And then you know what she did? She put it back on herself and won the Triple Crown.

All in all, it was like we were 30 years younger. I think we will stay here for a while, maybe the red rocks are rejuvenative?

Spanked Again!

For those toiling for a living – it’s Hump Day. For the rest of us, it’s another Saturday.


Today it’s another lame picture post of women being hand spanked

My The Favorite Spanking Couple

A Classic from the past – Her hair makes it an action shot

Is she next? Is that a LEZ paddle

Imagine her sweet moans


Biden’s Troubling Latin Agenda

For the WSJ, Feb 2021 By Mary Anastasia O’Grady.

Mrs. O’Grady has been a reliable window of knowledge for me for information about Central and Latin American countries. This article discusses an issue that will never see daylight in the mainstream press.

Funding for political activism and abortion won’t create jobs in the region.

When developed countries support equality before the law and property rights in poor countries, the left labels them imperialists. But use U.S. taxpayers’ resources to promote the termination of unborn life in poor countries, and progressives call it “health” spending. A similar language game is played when international socialists organize political factions under the banner of “democracy” to consolidate power.

Abortion and democratic socialism are two causes the Biden administration plans to champion in the Northern Triangle of Central America—Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Sovereignty, respect for local cultural norms, and the economic aspirations of millions of have-nots have never been high ideals in Washington. But now the condescending ideologues are resupplied. The problem is likely to get worse.

Latin Americans have reason to distrust President Biden, who had special responsibility for the region during the Obama administration. One notable disaster in that time was Colombia’s surrender to the narco-trafficking group FARC. The agreement was cooked up in Havana with U.S. help. Colombians rejected it in a referendum, but then-President Juan Manuel Santos pushed it through anyway, with backing from Team Obama.

FARC leaders got amnesty and unelected seats in Congress, but the agreement has been a disaster for the South American nation. The cocaine business has exploded anew, FARC honchos have been caught in drug deals, and coca-growing regions are again immersed in bloody conflict. The discredited Mr. Santos has been reduced to lobbying the U.S. to take Havana off its list of state sponsors of terrorism

In Central America, Biden administration foreign-policy makers want to reproduce a version of the United Nations’ International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (a k a CIGIG) that would span all three countries in the Northern Triangle.

Helping countries develop independent, transparent and accountable institutions is a worthy foreign-policy goal. But CICIG was none of that.

The commission prosecuted some criminals. But without checks, Commissioner Iván Velásquez gained absolute power and used it to unleash a reign of terror against Guatemalan society. What was billed as a way to help the country fight organized crime and build a credible judicial system was weaponized by the left. James Comey’s FBI going after Trump supporters had nothing on Mr. Velásquez. The most corrupt entrepreneurs and politicians stayed out of jail by cheering his misdeeds.

CICIG abuses gained international attention when lawyers for the Russian migrant family of Igor Bitkov, whom it targeted, testified at a Helsinki Commission hearing in Washington in 2018. They told of the gross mistreatment of the family, allegedly at the behest of Vladimir Putin.

Mr. Biden, who claimed to be an expert on CICIG, never condemned the collapse of due process or the cruelty the commission used to force confessions. He never even spoke up for the Bitkovs, whose 3-year-old son was thrown into an orphanage when they were jailed.

Guatemalans deserve an accounting. Instead Biden stenographers in the media are busy sanitizing his role in the CICIG story. The Bitkov family, still stuck in the corrupt Guatemalan legal system, remains a symbol of the dearth of empathy inside the Beltway.

But Joe cares deeply about the region—or so we are told. He will prove it now by pumping $4 billion into a variety of Northern Triangle social and activist political organizations. It won’t generate jobs beyond the aid industry.

An equally important agenda item for Mr. Biden is the export of abortion to the developing world. To that end, on his eighth day in office he signed an executive decree to allow U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund abortion providers operating overseas. This from the guy who pledges dignity for poor nations.

Plenty of Americans object. In a January Marist poll 77% of respondents said they oppose U.S. financing to “support abortion in other countries,” well above the 53% who said they are pro-life.

Some of these Americans may have an innate sense of respect for other cultures. In the developing world there is a strong belief that abortion doesn’t only take a life but that taking away the rights of the unborn undermines the ethical foundations of society.

This creed is captured in a recent “Culture of Life Africa” video. The 16-minute production features people across the continent pleading with Mr. Biden not to bring abortion to their shores. Honduras recently passed a constitutional amendment (requiring four-fifths approval in two different legislative sessions) prohibiting abortion.

In Honduras and many other poor countries where abortion remains illegal, organizations like International Planned Parenthood can now use U.S. government funds to promote their industry. Mr. Biden doesn’t need to share the moral convictions of pro-life nations. But his contempt for their views is troubling.


So we will spend $4 billion funding social and activist political organizations in a Catholic country that does not want abortions. Why? One reason might be jobs for organizations. I think the prime reason is to harvest organs. 

The Wooden Paddle


Novelty Paddle – How many millions of these have been sold?

Do these ever work! We have one that hangs in our motor home.

I would love to hear from all the bottoms this has roasted.


The paddle in action

In the classic position

Happy Birthday

Paddle Her Socks Off

After Effects

The Problem Solver

Looks Like a Good One To Me

Seems to have the desired effect

Public Service Announcement About Paddles

I have always liked to play with women who like a wooden paddle. Some women want nothing to do with a wood paddle. They think it’s brutal. It can be.

How a paddle feels varies dramatically. Length, width, and thickness all play a role. But, wood density plays a much larger role.  What?

Some woods have more air between the cells than others. At the extreme, Balsa, used to make toy airplanes, is one of the lightest – less dense woods.

At the other end are woods like teak, myrtlewood, mahogany, padauk, and bloodwood which are all very dense and so heavy they are not suitable for paddles in thicknesses over 1/4″. Unless you want a club.

Sadly, the most colorful woods and also the woods most easily tooled are the denser ones.

I could not locate a table showing all woods but this shows some commonly used woods used in furniture, paneling, etc.

The far-right column is the one of interest in this case. Higher numbers mean thuddier paddles. The lower numbers make for stingy paddles. Plenty of surface sting, but no deep muscle bruising. [Surface bruising is a whole other topic]

Alder, Pine and Redwood make light stingy paddles. I think they are OK up to 1/2″. These are all softwoods and do not tool well. We have several pine paddles and over time they will develop small nicks if not put down with care. Still, I think they make the best paddles. I can not recall seeing Pine paddles for sale simply because they do not have the desired professional look due to their low density. Yet, they will set any bottom on fire.

If you want a “pretty” paddle, Cherry or Maple will fit the bill, but 1/4 and 3/8 thicknesses would be best to keep it on the stingy rather than thuddy end of the scale. One caveat. A 1/4 inch paddle is prone to break. This usually thrills the receiver. So just have a backup paddle.

I will close with my opinion on holes, they are all in the mind of the user and receiver. They don’t make a paddle any more severe, except in the mind. Just be sure the holes are countersunk so they will not cut bare skin.

Images To Brighten Any Voyers Day

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