The Race To The Left

In his first week, Biden started the race to the left. Nothing I did not expect, I just thought he might proceed slowly.

No reason to enumerate his actions. Not a damn one of them do I agree with. And there is nothing anyone can do to stop the race to socialism.

Our market economy will be history, replaced by government knows best.

Did you see he is forming a commission to study judicial reform, aka court-packing.

His campaign’s central theme of bipartisanship and unity seems were only words.  I look for the biggest expansion of federal power since the Great Society, and institutional changes that give progressives dominance over American politics.


Now that the State Department has formally declared China to be engaged in genocide against the Uighurs, it will be interesting to see the response in the private sector, especially among those who have prided themselves on their commitment to human rights, minorities and speak- ing truth to power. Will they continue to deal with a country designated genocidal regime?

Will companies that pride themselves on their wokeness on cutting-edge social-justice issues display moral clarity on genocide?

Will I be surprised if it’s swept under the rug like the summer riots were?

5 thoughts on “The Race To The Left”

    1. I don’t get your comment. Hands63’s either. I was talking about genocide.

      But in regard to your comment, While we have gender-studies courses, the Chinese are wholly devoted to courses in math and science.

  1. I don’t know how Biden got in. Did America really vote for him or were they planning this fraudelent election for the whole of Trumps four years. Most sensible people in the world can see what is happening in America. I hope they are able to overcome this rubbish and get back to being the land of the democratic free which they are known for.

    1. Welcome, Tony. I think that Trump shot himself by running his mouth all during 2020. Folks just got tired of him.

      I am not hopeful of returning to saneness, let’s hope I am wrong about that.

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