Thigh Fry

I woke up from my nap thinking about a thigh fry. We have not done that in many months. I am sure today’s notion originated from reading one of Naughty Nora’s stories this morning. Her character did not get a thigh fry, but some smacks on the back of thighs for moving around too much for the spanker’s, her Daddy no less, liking.

A Crop Is Excellent For This Purpose

A thigh fry for us is different. The spanking starts with a thin batten used on the thighs. Front, back or inner as the spankee prefers. Bacall is an inner thigh fan and holds her legs up and apart in a most unladylike fashion to allow the batten to contact the thigh area which most excites her. Light taps to her most sensitive spot are done in between to increase her arousal.

I am a fan of the batten used on the front and back of my thighs. For the front, while standing, I hold my leg up to receive the batten. [Kinda like having to hold out your hand for a ruler on your palm]

The licks are moderate, but each feels like an electric shock. They are given slowly to allow recovery.

Rubbing and stroking between licks is done to bring the recipient close to orgasm before resuming.

Once the thighs are burning, it’s time to quickly administer a wooden paddle to the bare bottom before a climactic ending.

Old posts about thigh fry’s

2012 Hot & Bothered

2013 Bacall Gets A Thigh Fry

Could the lass on the left be getting a thigh fry with a hairbrush? Old men like me get all hot and bothered when we see the now rare stocking tops.

When I found the hot and bothered emoji, I saw this one which decodes to “I’m going to give you a spanking and feel very naughty about it.”

3 thoughts on “Thigh Fry”

  1. Yikes, a thigh fry!!! I have never heard it called that… I LOVE it! And, you mentioned one of those concepts that just gets me buzzing…a ruler to the palm…such a naughty thought 🙂
    Happy spanking! XOXO

    1. I was always amazed that anyone could take a ruler on the palm and not flinch. But, I have looked into their eyes as the ruler came down and they did not even blink. Argues that perception of pain is highly variable. Or they were steeling themselves to show me it would not bother them.

      1. I must agree…pain is highly variable! I absolutely flinch. Even if the pain is not what causes me to flinch…just seeing the ruler coming down will do it 🙂

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