Insanity – Saturday Again

I wanted to share my thoughts on public education. Or maybe the lack of education in public schools.

Comparison of for-profit schools as opposed to union-run schools

They cost less per student

Students actually get an education

They make a profit

Taxpayers are not on the hook for pensions

I expect to see charter schools suffer under a Dem administration. Less educated citizens make a more malleable population.


The folks who want EV cars, don’t want to mine Lithium.
Car battery prices are falling, but Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk warned this week about a lithium battery shortage by 2022 as government emission mandates force automakers to build more electric cars. This will drive up production costs. Mr. Musk hopes to develop a lithium production plant in Nevada, but environmentalists want to keep lithium in the ground.

A lithium clay project in Nevada has been seeking federal approval for more than a decade, and the Center for Biological Diversity is trying to stop a lithium mine in the desert that could supply 400,000 electric car batteries annually. China controls 70% of the world’s lithium supply and 83% of the anodes used in batteries.

The Center for Biological Diversity is well-staffed and funded to prevent mining. Ever heard of them? I expect not. Check out the job titles. Imagine who is paying their salaries. You are! It’s a multimillion-dollar nonprofit with a substantial portion of its income coming from government grants. The government gives these organizations taxpayer money, which they use to sue the government.

So on one hand the government is requiring electric cars and giving tax credits to those that do. While also funding organizations to sue the government to prevent electric cars.


More absolutely stupid, counter-productive things the government has implemented in the name of climate change.  For example:


I noted almost the whole cast of liberal bloggers/commenters expressed their relief over having jb in office on Hermonie’s blog. Interestingly several of them do not reside in the US.

I am also relieved a man that never rose to the office is gone.

I will disagree with almost everything jb will do. But, I doubt he will be a jerk.

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