Many that enjoy a hot bottom also enjoy an enema. I think more women than men delight in them. This post is for them.


A Party?

You sit on it forcing the water in. Kinda novel

But why is it done in a basement?

On Staten Island, she will spank you and give you an enema.

She is ready for you

Enemas as a medical procedure must be popular

Everything in the image could be photoshopped. It’s truly a WTF.


It’s Hump Day

11 thoughts on “Enema”

  1. I have never experienced an enema, but would be open to the experience. We actually bought a kit last year and then never tried it. This may be something to revisit.

  2. Enemas are an entire subject in themselves. most people won’t talk about them. I even found an admission from Jillian Keeman that she loves them but it’s buried in an audio interview. The interviewer (female) Starts giggling and confesses how much she loves them. They then discuss them for about five minutes.
    Many of us got one as a child and were hooked on them.
    We don’t mention them because people usually make fun of them. The reason is a whole topic in itself.

    1. Do we know what Jillian and the interviewer actually said ? I agree that enemas are mainly a female matter but not only. It can be fun, submission without pain…

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