School Girls

I have never understood the widespread attraction to Japanese schoolgirls by western men. Is it because they are considered submissive? Japan is not a hotbed of spanko’s. So what’s up it?

My type of school girls

I was 40 before I learned that many women liked to play the schoolgirl scene as much as I did and they had the outfits.

As seen on Vanilla Spanking

2 thoughts on “School Girls”

  1. I had a job where I traveled quite a bit. For about 10 years I flew to Tokyo (Narita) 3 times a month. I had always had an interest in the ‘schoolgirl’ look. My wife at the time accommodated that desire on quite a few occasions until she decided that it was ‘degrading’ for her so she stopped. That didn’t stop my desire for it though. One of my colleagues had mentioned how attracted he was to Japanese schoolgirls in their school uniforms. Just looking mind you. I remember one time when I was in Narita and walking from the bus stop to a local expat bar. Their was a cute schoolgirl walking on the sidewalk in front of me. It was nearing dark but still bright enough to see clearly. Like many days in Japan it was windy. As I walked about 10 feet behind her I noticed her little skirt being lifted lightly by the wind. I kept thinking “Please, just a little more wind”. It was at that moment that a little gust of wind came along lifting her skirt for a beautiful full view of her black cotton pantied ass. I saw her quickly reach behind her to pull her shirt back down and she demurely glanced back to see if anyone was looking. We had eye contact and I knew that she had caught me looking. It was at that point that I became an aficionado of the Japanese schoolgirl. Of course it was just looking and nothing more but if I’m rating schoolgirls of the world, I’ll put the Japanese Schoolgirl at the top of the list.

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