ASMR – Things That Get My Blood Moving

First, I want to commend Strick Julie for several posts she has made on non-spanking topics. They were all well presented. Some say a spanking blog should only be about spanking. Some say they come to spanking blogs to escape. OK, fine I get that. However, spanking blog authors also have other interests and a limited means of expressing themselves.

I read Strick Julie for some time thinking there is no way this can be a female writing. She covered every male subbie topic I have ever heard of some new ones to me. Still, the words seemed to come from a female mind. [Yeah, I think I can tell the gender from the words]

Then it changed. She was often the sub and he was not so subbie after all.

I find some of her posts hot and others, no I don’t care to go there. No doubt, that is equally true for OBB.


Things That Get My Blood Moving. Perhaps you will get a pleasant relaxing tingle also

And now some hotness

I have always loved fuzzy sweaters and skirts

Her Eyes

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