Hey, Baby

It’s going to be another five post week.

The song by the Texas Tornadoes (Hey, Baby), Que Paso has a line Come on, baby, turn around. When I hear that line I always visualize a woman being asked to turn around and show off her assets in her tight jeans. No doubt caused by too many nights swelling beer and dancing with the girls in various Texas dance halls.

The next line in the song bursts my bubble

Let me see your pretty blue eyes

Here is one of many versions of it. Terrible video, but it’s in a place I used to frequent.

OK, this is Jeep off-road humor.

Tucker On Diversity

This week I am going to quote in entirety Tucker Carlson’s broadcast of last week. He is the only remaining one on Fox that I listen to. [And since we don’t care for anything else on cable, we don’t subscribe to cable and we listen to Tucker one day delayed]

Friday, FNC’s Tucker Carlson opened his broadcast questioning motivations behind Joe Biden’s picks for his Cabinet and high-level staffers — some of which have been appointed in the name of diversity.

Transcript as follows:

CARLSON:What exactly does Joe Biden believe? We’ve asked that question before. People who have known Joe Biden for 50 years are still asking that question. The short answer is absolutely nothing.

After a lifetime of serving the Democratic Party, Joe Biden has no fixed beliefs, he can’t. The party has changed too much.

Joe Biden became a Democrat back when Democrats represented America’s working-class: wage earners, heavily Catholic in the big cities and the industrial states.

Democratic voters of that era tended to be populist on economic matters. They like Social Security and Medicare, but they are basically conservative on social questions. They believed in Biology. Most of them got married and went to church.

That’s the world Joe Biden grew up in. This Joe from Scranton, son of a coal miner shtick is a relic from that era, Biden still whips it out occasionally at events, but only for nostalgic reasons and maybe because his memory is fading. When you get to a certain age, 1962 seems like yesterday.

But in fact, it wasn’t yesterday, it was a long time ago. That Democratic Party is gone. It’s been extinct for decades.

The modern Democratic Party no longer represents wage earners. It is now funded almost exclusively by Silicon Valley and the finance establishment, the billionaire class.

Its foot soldiers don’t work in factories, they are community organizers. They’re members of interest groups that have coalesced around a specific race or sex or sexual orientation.

None of these groups exists for the benefit of the United States. They exist only for their own benefit. Their purpose is very clear. It’s to leverage our political system in order to collect as much money and as much power as they can for their own members and for their members alone.

This is called identity politics. It is the most divisive possible way to run a government.

No wise country allows identity politics and for good reason. Identity politics is zero-sum. No group can benefit except at the expense of other groups. In identity politics, there is no such thing as the common good.

A system like that never ends well, to put it mildly. How could it end well? But in 2020, there are no options left on the left. The Democratic Party is about identity politics, and identity politics is all it’s about – – redistributing the spoils. So of course, Joe Biden is on board with it.

Biden went on CNN yesterday to give an interview we wish we’d seen before the election. In that interview, he explained how he is choosing the people who will run our country. Watch.


JOE BIDEN: The first eight members in the most diverse Cabinet anyone in American history has ever announced. There are three white men, there are — excuse me, there are three men, there are five women, there are five people of color, three white people.


CARLSON: So five women, three people of color, three whites. Sounds like a beginning of a joke that’s now banned. So they all walk into a bar, one of the women goes — you can’t tell those anymore. Jokes like that are considered insensitive. Why? Because they reduce people to qualities they can’t control.

Not all people who look alike, are alike. Stereotypes are bad. Remember?

In this country, appearance is not everything. In America, you are more than your ethnicity. Life here is not determined by your DNA. That was the promise anyway. And for a time, roughly from the end of the Civil Rights movement to the beginning of Barack Obama’s first term that seemed to be working fairly well.

We all agreed to try to drop the stereotypes and try to judge people for what they do, not on how they were born, but no longer. We’ve got new rules now. Rules that in fact are very old rules. They stretch back to the Antebellum South and all the way to the ancient caste systems of India.

According to these rules — Joe Biden’s rules — your place in society is determined by your birth. Certain groups get benefits, other groups get punishments. It’s as simple and as primitive as that.

That’s exactly what we’re watching, though, of course, everyone in charge lies about it and calls it progress. The Washington Post — the personal mouthpiece who billionaire progressive Jeff Bezos applauded Biden’s hiring standards just this week, quote, “Joe Biden is building a team that looks like the people it serves,” slobbered the newspaper. And in fact, unintentionally, there’s some truth in that.

In the past three weeks, Joe Biden’s transition team has brought on the so-called agency review teams that do look a lot like the people Joe Biden intends to serve.

Who are on those teams? Well, there’s Tom Sullivan, who is the international tax director at Amazon. There’s Clare Gallagher. She runs global partnerships and strategic planning for Airbnb. There’s Brandon Belford, a senior director at Lyft. There’s Matt Olsen from Uber. Other members come from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chan- Zuckerberg Initiative.

These are the people giving guidance to, for example, Joe Biden’s new Chief of Staff who himself led Silicon Valley’s lobbying efforts for years. So let’s just say the billionaires have full representation, and they may soon have a lot more.

Joe Biden apparently intends to hire a man called Patrick Gaspard. Gaspard was Barack Obama’s political director, then he was American Ambassador to South Africa.

Most recently though — and this tells you everything — Gaspard has been the President of the Open Society Foundations funded by George Soros. Patrick Gaspard could soon be America’s Labor Secretary, a Cabinet official.

So if you’re asking yourself, does a 90-year-old left-wing Hungarian financier have enough control over the way my country operates? The answer is decidedly yes. George Soros definitely has enough power now, much more power than you have for sure.

In Patrick Gaspard, George Soros has found someone as radical as he is. Three years ago, South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress endorsed a plan of taking land from farmers based on skin color without compensating them. They called it Land Reform.

Neighboring Zimbabwe had already done this under its bloodthirsty lunatic leader Robert Mugabe, and probably become the single poorest country in the world and by the way, killed a lot of people in the process. So no sane person thought or thinks this was a good idea. But Patrick Gaspard thought it was a great idea.

As the former Ambassador to South Africa, Gaspard wrote an op-ed in “The Sunday Times” endorsing this and sucking up to the criminally incompetent and corrupt ANC government. Quote, “Yes, the South African government under President Cyril Ramaphosa is talking about accelerating land reform, but in a way that seeks to balance property ownership rights guaranteed by the Constitution, with the need for more equity and nurture a more broadly shared prosperity.”

Oh, more equity, just like in Zimbabwe. Patrick Gaspard added in many forums that anyone who disagreed with his point of view on land reform was of course, an irredeemable racist.

Gaspard later said that he found the South African Constitution superior to America’s Constitution. George Soros would no doubt agree with that. Most Americans probably would not know nor by the way would many South Africans agree with that.

How many have fled that country in just the past 10 years? Patrick Gaspard doesn’t care, like George Soros, he is an ideologue. For him and for all ideologues, outcomes are far less interesting and far less important than theories.

So you won’t be surprised to learn that Patrick Gaspard was once himself a community organizer and that he once worked for failed New York Mayor David Dinkins, and that he remains personally close to Bill de Blasio.

New York City is collapsing, but as far as Patrick Gaspard is concerned, it’s collapsing for the right reasons. Maybe we need more land reform on the Upper East Side. Here’s Patrick Gaspard in the streets protesting the police.


PATRICK GASPARD, FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE OFFICE OF POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Earlier today, President Obama told us all that we have to make people in power uncomfortable. So I’m out here marching with a diverse group of incredible New Yorkers as we all get ready to violate curfew, as we march for peace and we march for justice.

This is a powerful community of dissent that cannot be quarantined and that will not be silenced until real change arrives. Whose streets? Our streets.


CARLSON: “Just taking on the powerful,” says the man who runs George Soros’s foundation. Could this moment get any more perverse? Could the lying be any more obvious? Could it be more Orwellian?

It doesn’t matter what you think. That man could soon be your Labor Secretary.

Get it at school…get it at home

I went to school back in the Devonian Period and it was a rule, that if you were paddled at school you would get paddled at home. Once my Mother was waiting for me to get my licks at school and take me home for my second dose.

I ripped this off from schoolpaddlingblog.com

I have a friend who was teaching at a school in Texas. Since she had gone to college in New York she wasn’t familiar with the corporal punishment policies, so the Principal suggested as part of her first-day orientation that he give her three “licks”.

Anxious to please and more than a little curious my friend agreed. Her-Pal-the-Principal made her go sit outside and wait on the bench where the students normally waited for punishment.

The Secretary pulled her file and saw she was living with her Aunt. The Secretary filled out a form for the Aunt to countersign detailing the punishment.

My friend got her licks in the office, bent over, and grabbing her ankles. The Principal took his time about, it rubbing her upturned bottom with the wooden paddle and joking about how he enjoyed spanking “Yankee butt”.

The swats really hurt, and my friend told me she had wished she had worn a thicker skirt and panties to work that day.

When she got home my friend found out that the Principal had called my Aunt, and they both agreed that in order to get the “full understanding” she should get a punishment at home, too. And this one was with the belt, and her skirt and underpants were NOT in the way. 😦

My friend had to get the form countersigned by her Aunt, then turn it into the Principal, who made her tell her all the details. Finally, he let her go, saying that he “hoped she learned her lesson.”


Sorry, I did not have a picture of a woman in a skirt in the position in surroundings that might pass for a principal’s office.

Little Debbie

These pictures of the Nu-West model Little Debbie are probably the most-posted spanking pictures ever. I came across the most complete set from the photoshoot I have ever seen and decided to share them with you.

I recall a story about this lass. At least I think it was about her. She enjoyed being spanked by her boyfriend thought this would be an easy way to make some money. One afternoon with Brenda Marshall was enough for her. Did she bite off more than she could chew in this session?


Marching into Georgia, with the Senate in Sight

The battle for control of the government is not over yet. The Senate elections in Georgia will decide control of the Senate and that’s on January 5. Millions are being poured into TV ads for this election. The outcome will determine the fate of the country, just as Sherman’s March To The Sea determined the outcome of the Civil War.

Incumbent senators rarely have runoff elections. Even if they do, states almost never have two senators up for reelection at once — and never both in runoffs. While control of the Senate has sometimes hinged on the outcome of one senatorial race, rarely has the fate of the nation hinged on two — from the same state.

If Democrats pick up both seats, first anticipate the end of the Senate filibuster. With its disappearance after 180 years will go the last check on hard-Left power. Then expect a 15-person Supreme Court. With the end of that 151-year tradition will come the birth of a new “living” and fluid Constitution.

Watch for novel efforts, by hook or crook, to navigate around the amendment process of the U.S. Constitution to end the 233-year-old Electoral College. With all the reins of power, perhaps the Left will figure out a way, on Obama’s prior prompting, to admit two new states (and thus four more reliably Democratic senators).

The difference between a Senate led by Republican Mitch McConnell and one led by Democrat Chuck Schumer recalls Mark Twain’s line about the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

In Other News

Biden is assembling Keynesians who believe in spending as fiscal stimulus. Look for a 2009-style policy mix next year with a spending blowout while urging the Fed to monetize it. Oh, that means turning on the printing presses.

I am unalterably opposed to spending as a stimulus, especially when the economy is in spite of Covid is moving along quite nicely. I happen to be in the school of thought that the velocity of money rather than spending is more important. It so happens that 40+ years of analysis proves my point. But, Democrats want to spend, so my being right is moot.

I am sure the stimulus spending will benefit you and yours.


Off-topic today, but that’s normal here. It’s the fifth post this week. All different topics, not all spanking related – like this one.

Because a reader has been sending me pictures of women in hats and because I like women in hats that’s what today’s post is about. I have not been successful in getting Bacall to wear hats. I have bought her many. They are worn once or twice and forgotten.