6 thoughts on “Spanked”

  1. Observations on the beer bottle label:
    – I notice they are BOTH smiling – nice!
    – They are in the bedroom – very handy and a favorite of mine for this activity.
    – Speaking of hands….where is his right hand and what is it doing……..?

    Happy New Year!

    1. Well, are you not you the observant one? It does appear he is diddling himself facilitated by her spreading her legs so wide. I prefer bending over as that allows for easy access by either of us.

  2. Was wondering if the pink in #1 might have been caused by sitting in some snow?
    #2, trying to figure out if she is saying “ow” or “ah” or giving him some sass. Love pics that have a story to them like that.
    Agree on the GIF, I kept waiting for the sound of the crack and her response. More like “ah yes!” than “ow”.
    That beer bottle, is his hand going to his crotch or hers? It sure was fun translating everything on the label in Google translator. 😄

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