Properly Attired For A Spanking

White panties yesterday, lingerie today.

I wonder how much we spent over the years on lingerie to indulge our mutual like for being properly attired for a spanking.

Here’s to you. See you back next week.

6 thoughts on “Properly Attired For A Spanking”

  1. They are all outstanding, but 3, 4 & 6 are my preferences. Those appear to be snapshots, in the spirit of fun and playfulness.

  2. My ex felt the proper attire for a spanking was important.
    I was often given instruction – to wear certain attire to my spanking.
    Getting dressed for a spanking totally focus your mind on whats to come.
    His favorite attire for me was. matching pantie and bra and stocking and garter belt. a slip, dress and pumps. And for the spanking I would have take off the dress, slip and panties. He liked my bottom framed by garter belt and stocking.

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