One Dozen Pair Of White Panties – II

Once in blue moon, I see a spanking on SpankingTube that interests me. This is one of them. Light hearted, playful and they talk to each other. If you have a SpankingTube account sign on and give them a like. 27th Birthday Spanking


And now another baker’s dozen + 1 of white panties just in time for a white Christmas.

7 thoughts on “One Dozen Pair Of White Panties – II”

    1. Very Beautiful and very spankable. I love to see the last seven in more – classic panties.

  1. The panties which are semi transparent are teasingly fun. They show lovely and shapely bottoms with a hint of the cavern between the fleshiness.
    Have to say my fav is #7; she is ready and waiting for her spanking with her knickers down and over the edge of the bed. I think I would start with my hand – obvious choice, then the bathbrush.

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