Spanked By Your Girl Friends Mother

This photo has been around for a long time. Nu-West created it. I don’t think it’s from a film, but just a still photo. It’s been captioned many ways, I think this is the original Nu-West caption.

Through the lens of time, I wonder what I would have done if I were the 17 year old she was talking to. Spankings were something I feared then. Would I have suffered the pain to my flesh in order to continue to enjoy the pleasure of her flesh? errr, I meant her company. Would I have manned-up and taken the spanking because if she could endure it then I could.

Footnote – Nu-West was careless in showing an office style clock and a calculator in what was intended to be a home setting.


6 thoughts on “Spanked By Your Girl Friends Mother”

  1. Many , many years ago when I was dating numerous girls I don’t think it ever crossed my mind the thought of getting a spanking from any of their moms. Now thinking back there was one girl who’s mom I now would have loved to get a good spanking from.
    Kim was her name and her mom was a Rockette , you know the dancers at Radio City. She had the longest most gorgeous legs and long blonde hair which she always had up in the style of that time.
    Kim loved to be spanked every so often , I wonder if her mom would have approved and played out your scenario had she found out. I would loved to have gone over her moms legs and have my bottom burned.

  2. I was 19 going out with a 17 year girl called Sue I knew she was spanked by her mother when she misbehaved as was her brother who was 15 We had been going out for a few weeks and we arrived at her house after her curfew of 9pm on a school night I left her to go in and went home The following day I got a call from her mother Mrs Gray who told me that I could note see Sue for a week because she had been late home last night She also said that she had smacked her backside for her lateness I was shocked but had to accept he ruling A couple of months further on we missed a bus and were late again Sue was nervous and I volunteered to tell her mother about the bus etc Mrs Gray was waiting for us in the lounge we arrived 25 mins late I tried to explain but she was having none of it Sue was already crying I told Mrs Gray that I was sorry we were late and that it was partly my fault also Sue was sent to get a large wooden clothes brush and I was sent home I waited outside the window and listened as Sue got a derious spanking I could see her bare over Mrs Gray’s lap getting it for ages At the end I was just leaving the garden when the door opened and Mrs Gray was stood there brush in hand I had been caught and she was really angry She told me to get inside the house Sue was in the lounge facing the wall still crying hands on head The upshot was my first spanking from Mrs Gray (not my last for sure) I was soon also in tears facing the wall hands on head being told off about both lateness and sneaking around in front garden

  3. So on Christmas morning, So you “hung around” for more spankings from her Mother. How did you see it at the time? Discipline, submission, or sexually exciting?

    How did this affect you going forward? Did you want to spank your girlfriend or have her spank you?

    1. Well we went out for several years and i must have been punished by Mrs Gray on maybe 20 occasions sometimes with Sue at the same time Often on my own or even with her brother once or twice I just saw it as natural in terms of what happens if I disobeyed Mrs Gray or broke her house rules It was only punishment nothing sexual at the time Looking back it was the start of my lifetime interest in the subject

      1. I am thinking Mrs. Gray liked spanking. Thanks for sharing. Did you and Sue ever spank the other? Would you have liked to be spanked by Mrs. Gray when you were say 30?

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