Your Privacy

Think you are hiding on the web, by not posting or doing so anonymously. You are fooling yourself. I will get into all that in another post. This one is about the information on your credit report.
Take a deep breath – it’s a long sentence.
A typical report includes your first, middle, and last names, as well as other names you’ve used on an official document like a utility bill or a credit card application or a property deed; name variations; your date of birth; your Social Security number; the state your Social Security number was issued in; the approximate date your Social Security number was issued; the names of other people who have been associated with your Social Security number; home phone numbers; mobile phone numbers; phone numbers you have used previously, landline and wireless carriers; your address and every address linked to you during the past generation; the counties in which those addresses are located; the approximate dates you have been linked to those addresses; the names of the owners of every address you have ever been linked to; your driver’s license number and the state in which it was issued; the cars you have registered in your name, along with the model, make, and vehicle identification numbers of those cars and the dates those cars were registered; your current and former employers and other companies linked to you; professional credentials (such as an accounting or law or pilot’s license); planes you have owned; boats you have owned; your voter registration information, including the state in which you are registered; your party affiliation and the date of your most recent vote; any hunting and fishing permits you have; tax liens placed on you; civil judgments against you; Uniform Commercial Code financing statements naming you; the names, states, and addresses of companies you have set up; the names of other people who helped you set up those companies; the names of your close relatives, the names of your neighbors, and the names of your neighbors from every place you have lived in the past generation; the block, lot, and parcel number of every one of those addresses; the assessed value and market value of every one of those properties; the census information on any addresses linked to you and your neighbors and neighborhoods; the dates the buildings you lived in were built; the most recent sale price of every one of those properties; how much you paid for any piece of real estate you have bought; the amount of any mortgage you took out to make those purchases; the names of the people or companies that sold you those properties; the names of the people or companies who bought those properties from you; certain criminal records; and your bankruptcies.”
— The Modern Detective: How Corporate Intelligence Is Reshaping the World
Now consider, if you will, tying that information to your online presence with the email addresses you use. I’m betting your bank and the DMV have your email. You say you have a vanilla and kink email. But, are they tied together as recovery emails? Did you give your phone number for “recovery” purposes?

4 thoughts on “Your Privacy”

  1. Great post! Most people are very unaware of how this all works. And my answer is “no” to both of the questions you posed in the last paragraph, though it is getting harder and harder to get around this.

  2. Fact, you can have a dozen emails with different names but if they’re all on one providers account they are linked.
    Found that out the hard way.

    Just imagine if your credit report included all your kinks.

    1. Lets say you have two kinky gmail addresses each linked to the other for “recovery purposes”.
      You are good.
      Then you could have two vanilla gmail addresses each linked to the other for “recovery purposes”.
      And never the twain shall meet.

      any gmail address can include + and dots
      for example
      Will come to
      I use the + sign so I know who gave my address away.
      If get mail to it better be from Verizon.

  3. As NaughtyNora said, no to both.
    My recovery emails follow the recipe our illustrious host was kind enough to detail.
    And yes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get around the phone confirmation.
    I’m probably not alone here, a victim of ID theft. The final step on the list of To-Do’s [purely optional and I did it] is to register with the local PD as being a victim of ID theft. Reason is, IDs are sold on the dark web and purchased by pedophiles. This protects you if some #$%& ped is openly cruising ped sites as “NaughtyNora” or “Hands 63” or “Bogey” or “Zigg”.
    My bank has also provided, at no cost to me, 5 years of dark web monitoring and will alert me if my name shows up. 🤮
    There’s no cure for pedophilia. They should be promptly shot, hung or electrocuted, in my ever so humble opinion.

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