Full Throttle Paddling

Every few years, Bacall does something that I feel she needs to be paddled for. She suffers, or should I say I suffer, from her Empty Container Syndrome.

You don’t know what that is? Well, as an example, it’s when you put a pack of sliced cheese with only one slice remaining back in the refrigerator and do not note it on the shopping list. 

I settled her account this morning with several brisks paddle licks. I then followed with a normal paddling.

I figured there would be payback and there was. She found her arm was in really good form and paddled me full throttle.

2 thoughts on “Full Throttle Paddling”

  1. Revenge or “payback” spankings are the worst! 😣 Or to me, the best! 😏
    Nice job Bacall! I hope you put Bogey in your preferred position, not his. 😎

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