When Did It Start For You?

Spankos can be divided into many groups. One is those who need a spanking for spanking’s sake. Not for discipline. Not erotic. This group is difficult for me to understand. Jillian Keenan says she is one of them. She has a need to have her bottom slapped. No erotic play, no discipline of any kind, no sex – nothing.  The spanking is the be-all and end-all.

Some started fantasizing about being spanked from an early age, five or six years old. Long before sex was thought about.

Others added spanking after they were sexualized. I am one of them, I have spanking wrapped around my sex drive.


11 thoughts on “When Did It Start For You?”

  1. My fascination with spanking started when I was five. My parents got divorced, and my mother and I moved in with the man who would become my stepfather. While my mom and dad would spank occasionally me, my stepfather frequently took a paddle to the seat of my underpants. This was also about the time I started school, and I saw (and experienced) many paddlings.

    Fascination became something else a few years later. I was still prepubescent, but I knew something had changed about my thinking about spanking. It all started with a dream about a princess, sweet and innocent, who without warning became naughty and needed a spanking.

    Then came puberty and middle school. This was in the south and in the seventies. My life was like an episode of Big Mouth with paddles, and I haven’t stopped thinking about bare bottoms and spanking since.

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  2. I hope creating a WP account did not ruin your holiday mood. I don’t care for anonymous comments. I could not tell your gender from your comment. Guessing male.

  3. I was pretty young…maybe 7 or 8. I started looking up the word spanking in the dictionary and drawing out comics (which I would then destroy). Human sexuality is a curious thing 🙂

  4. Human sexuality does seem quite curious. I would if there are any two spanko’s alike? Or are we like fingerprints?

    I don’t have any artistic skills, but if I had made spanking drawings as a kid, I wonder how I would see them now.

  5. Around 6 or 7 years old for me.

    I was included as part of a neighborhood pact formed between 4 mothers. The 4 mothers made an agreement that any mom could spank any of the collective children whenever they “needed” it. The pact was formed by the moms following a group spanking delivered by the 4 moms to all of their wayward children. This group spanking happened in my home’s basement .

    The 4 children spanked that day by all 4 moms included the girl who lived next door.

    The moms arrived at our house armed with their favorite spanking implements – a wooden hairbrush,a well worn belt, a fly back paddle (my mom’s favorite) and a selection of freshly cut switches. The moms could not agree on implements, but they all agreed that “real spankings” only happened on bare fannies. The girl next door was included and also bared right along with the 3 boys. Her mom said, “she has already played doctor with all of your sons, so this is not new territory for any of them!” She was right and we were more concerned with the impending damage to our bottoms than what she could see.

    Not too long after that group spanking , she suggested privately to me that she had been a “bad girl” and needed a spanking – I obliged; we each suggested on many occasions that the other needed to be spanked or that perhaps we both deserved a bare bottomed spanking mostly for some imaginary transgression.

    Our spanking adventures came to an end when we entered puberty but my fascination and sexualization continues to this day. It became really intense when I met a girl, now wife, who also enjoyed spanking as foreplay. In our 60’s now and as long as there is spanking fun there is never a need for Viagra……..

  6. For us spanking is part of foreplay. We enjoy roleplay and spanking is often a feature of our games.
    I really don’t like pain. But I do find it very sexy to be bent over and for Ben (who loves behinds) to be able to decide what to do with my little butt cheeks. I find that arousing. He is a very fun loving person and he likes to keep a little bit of comedy and light-heartedness in our sex life. I am more drawn to erotica, a sensuous air. Between us we have great foreplay and sex.

    Since I have started blogging I must admit spanking is an area where I am surprised at the amount of diversity. I think I find it easier to relate to those for whom spanking is part of sex and foreplay. But it has been interesting to read about those who get something different out of spanking.

    1. First, welcome to our little corner.

      Your comment had words familiar to us.
      ..foreplay… very sexy to be bent over….very fun loving… comedy and light-heartedness

      I also continue to be amazed at the diversity of spanking interests. My old saw is that when two people admit to each other they like spanking, that is the last thing they will fully agree on spankinmg-wise. It sounds like you and Ben are out to prove me wrong. Grin

  7. The spanking bug… it’s a curious thing, isn’t it? Singularly unique in each of us, yet common to us all on some levels. Even if simply spanking for spanking’s sake, it means something. It’s important because we associate it with something inside ourselves.

  8. I would say my initial interest in spanking came when I was in a relationship with a gal in high school, the beauty of her bared bottom.  She had many other gorgeous assets.  But her beautiful bottom sparked my infatuation with the sound of the slap on bare skin.  She quickly rebuffed my interest and for good reason.  I explained how it was just playing to me.  She poured her heart out, how her father physically abused her.  “Whenever I am within arm’s length, he will slap me on any exposed skin”.  Wow!  We talked about many other abuses, all physical, none sexual.  But he was still a basturd.  A few months later the dad died.  She said it was the best day of her life.  It convinced me that spanking or physical punishment of children was wrong, at the tender age of 16.In college, I met an older woman and we did some play spanking.  Relationship was short and quickly ended.  Met another gal, a peer, who loved to be spanked.  And from there spanking was in my thoughts, mind, hand and bottom.For me, spanking is a sexual turn-on, amazing foreplay, extends our love-making sessions and like Jim C, spanking is stinging Viagra.  I am a true switchie and entirely on the receiving end now but if she changes her mind back, will be happy to oblige.

  9. I guess I should ring in. I am sure I have mentioned it more than once in posts.

    I think I spanked all/most of my dates in my teens. Not a one protested, most did whatever earned them the first spanking again to get another. The spanking was not sexual, but bare bottoms were. At 19. I changed in a flash and spanking was now sexual. I not only wanted to spank but to be spanked.

    I was fortunate to find partners who were willing and then a wife who was.

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